Three Ways a Virtual Office Assistant Can Help Your Business

If you’re like a lot of business owners, you are pressed for time and don’t spend enough of your day with customer service. Hiring an employee may be too cumbersome, but at the same time by not doing all of the necessary work, you can lose sales and even customers. The good news is that this type of work can be subcontracted to a virtual assistant. These are people who are doing a variety of jobs that can be done online, and at a different location from where you conduct your business. The following are three ways that a virtual assistant can increase your sales.assistant

They can handle open order inquires

This is a big area of neglect with many small companies, but if you can address each customer inquiry as it comes in, this will lead to greater sales in the long term from customer satisfaction. A virtual office assistant can take all inquiries concerning an order. They can answer each customer’s concerns, so they should feel better about your company and the order that they placed. This is the type of work that can take a lot of your time, but it is a fundamental part of building and maintaining your customer base.

They can respond to all voice messages

You may not need to use a virtual office assistant all day, but you can have work done at certain times of the day. A virtual assistant can perform office duties for a specified period of time and do such things as respond to voice messages and answer emails. Some of these inquires will be from customers, while others may be from vendors, suppliers or even companies trying to sell you something. You can give instructions on how each type of inquiry should be responded to.

Following up on credit card declines

When a credit card is declined for an online order, it is important to follow up with the customer. Often the problem is that the credit card has expired, and it is simply a matter of using the right credit card, or a different card. Without following up on credit card declines, you are missing out on additional sales.

There are several companies that can be found on the Internet. One example of a company that offers this type of service is Solid Cactus. By deciding on using virtual office services, you are right to expand and boost your business.

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