TheOneSpy Best Spy on Android Phone App

When you come with a spy application for monitoring the android and iPhones, TheOneSpy is made from year to track smartphones secretly. People are conscious regarding their love to use modern devices. There are several reasons to spy on the digital devices of anyone you want to protect. The digital world comes with cyberbullying, sexting, child molestation, and other dangerous effects. That’s why; you need to know the monitoring application for the targeted devices. Here we tell you the best spy application for android and iOS devices.

TheOneSpy app

TheOneSpy software is a unique monitoring application that helps spy on the online activities of android, mac, windows, and iPhone. It allows you to track the digital devices and find out the online movements of the targeted ones. TheOneSpy is working for parental control and employee monitoring that help to follow them. You can spy on the targeted phones secretly and know every activity of the targeted devices. This app is secure for concerned people.  This app works with its 250+ monitoring features.

TheOneSpy app for android

The TheOneSpy app is a powerful application that is compatible with android phones. It provides features that allow spying secretly and detecting online activities.

Screen recording

You can record the mobile screen with the help of a spy on android phone secretly. You can save the live activities of the targeted person.


With spy on android, you can capture screenshots without touch the targeted phone.

Text message monitor

You can easily track all messages and read the chats of the targeted phones.

Call recording

TheOneSpy offers you to record all calls of the targeted phone. You secretly get to know all calls and record or listen to the conversation of the targeted person.

Browser activities

Now, you can spy the internet usage activities. Through android monitoring, you can track the browsing history.

GPS location tracker

Users can get to know the live location of the targeted one. Secretly you come to know the current location of the device.

Android remote installation

You can find all the activities of the installed apps on the targeted phone.

Email monitoring

With the android monitoring app, you come to know all the sent or received emails of the person you want to know.

Offer the features for iOS devices

Get device info

You can find out the device information without taking the instrument into your hand.

Call logs

Users can easily find all the calls of the targeted device. It allows the user to track all incoming or outgoing calls of the targeted one.

Facebook monitoring

You can find out the Facebook activities of the targeted iPhone using the best Facebook spy apps. Here you come to know all messages, audio-video calls, sharing media files, and other WhatsApp activities.

Spy install apps

You come to know the installed apps and their performed activities without taking the devices.

How to install theOneSpy into the targeted devices

In this paragraph, we define you to install the app into the targeted phone. For installing the app into the targeted phone, you need to get the smartphone. Here we mention a few steps for installing the app into the device.

Access to the page

Initially, you have to visit the actual website of the TheOneSpy app. here, you can check all the provided features and compatible devices also get to know the price package.

Subscribe the page

Now, you have to subscribe to android and iPhone devices. Before subscribing, you have to know the price package of both smartphones.

Credential email

After successfully subscribe to it, you will receive an email of ID and password for spying on the smartphones.

Get physical access

Now, you need to install the app on the targeted phone. It is crucial to spy the digital devices to install the app. 

Get access to the web portal.

 In the final step, you will get the dashboard of the TheOneSpy app. after gaining access to the web portal; you can save all recorded files. You can quickly download the saved files from the web portal.


The TheOneSpy app enables you to monitor android and iPhone. It is the best app that makes sure you about the targeted phones.

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