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The Wonders of Digital Marketing With Social Media

Paper Advertising Had Become Outdated

A few decades ago, the only way to advertise a business was the word of mouth or in the local newspaper. As companies grew, ads spread into magazines, flyers, posters, business cards, and more. These were the advancements of the paper generation advertising… but this is the digital marketing age.

Much to the relief of many a tree, paper advertising has become somewhat outdated.

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A New Marketing Tool

This is the wondrous age of Digital Marketing, where your business can be exactly what you make it. The internet can be a near limitless source of marketing tools, with one of the most powerful being social media marketing. Social media allows advertisers a boundless opportunity, to reach new clients through networking internet channels.

Social Media Marketing utilizes social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Each site allows businesses to utilize unique advertising functions. Business owners, individuals and marketing managers alike can take advantage of these free-to-use digital marketing services.

Generating a Social Media Audience

The key to digital marketing success is in the numbers. The numbers increase as the audience increases. Social media sites allow marketers to reach out to a much larger audience, more economically than paper advertising methods. All it takes is starting a social media marketing page, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, then adding friends or following others. You may not have a million viewers overnight, but the numbers will increase. As the numbers increase, so do the opportunities to add these viewers to an actual customer base.

Marketing on FaceBook, Twitter and More

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr and LinkedIn all offer an easy-to-use format, allowing advertisers to easily use these specific sites to promote daily deals or discounts. A social media marketing manager can enjoy flexibility and convenience, simply by using status reports or tweets, to promote products and specials.

The beauty of social media marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is subscribers to the posts can opt to share or re-tweet the deals. Both Facebook and GooglePlus offer open space with unlimited word counts, image or video postings. Twitter does have a space limitation but makes up for it with flexible hashtagging, increasing the digital marketing audience. Regardless, all three sites offer a simple word, image, video or link based action, which instantly broadens the business’s perspective customer base.

Tumblr offers a different social media marketing format for ads and sharing information. Digital marketing representatives can title their post, use the body to add a text, image or video message, and then input specific tags to increase SEO-based customer response.

LinkedIn is probably the most professional of social media marketing sites, allowing users to create a detailed company or individual profile. The digital media marketer can then reach out to other professionals, and offer goods or services via daily posts. There are also a large number of professional groups that users can join relating to their preferred industry. These can also be used to market promotions, goods and services.

The Wonders of Digital Marketing

The wonders of digital marketing on social media sites like Facebook have made advertising much easier for business owners today. Within the next decade, paper advertising will most likely become obsolete, as the social media marketing on the internet continues to offer more cost-effective ways to reach a targeted audience.

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