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The Desolation of Verbal Conversation Via Facebook and Twitter

The past decade Social Media Syndrome literally swept across the nation, primarily due to social media superstars, Facebook and Twitter. Telephone calls began steadily drifting into the outdated zone around the same time. Other methods of communication, such as a tweet, text, or Facebook posts just became more convenient.

Improvements in smart technology applications for the social media sites on iPhone and Android have quickly intensified the spreading of SMS. Home phones are now seldom utilized and considered old-fashioned by the younger generations.

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More Than Trendy Social Platforms

Starting as a quick easy way to discuss group outings, or blast out an opinion, social media giants, Facebook and Twitter have become more than just a social trend. These sites have seemingly taken over our way of communicating with friends, families, and coworkers. Facebook, initiated in February 2004, currently has well over 1,280,000,000 active users in the United States alone. Twitter went live in July of 2006 and now has around 645,750,000. Both social networking sites continue to grow every day, both personally and professionally.

Commercials recently have mimicked groups of strangers, friends, and even families paying more attention to their costly iPhones, than their surroundings. If people are acknowledging what is around, it is usually to snap pictures or videos to post on Facebook or Twitter. Modern advertisements support real life in this instance. Taking a stroll through a local mall or dining in a restaurant can easily give individuals a clear look into the way technology, combined with social media, is continuing to change our lives.

Facebook vs Twitter

Facebook offers user-friendly services, from posting and sharing videos and photos, to ongoing private chats and post comments. The sometimes glitchy service, combined with smart devices, allows users to instantly send information to friends, family, media, professors or the police if a crime is witnessed. Facebook allows users to tag their posts to specific people, such as a student group, sports team, carpool or workgroup.

However, tags are limited and optimization options are only available for a fee. When it works correctly, Facebook, when performing correctly, is a perfect example of what social media should be… easily accessible, user and multimedia friendly.

Twitter is more limited, offering only text base posts in comparison to Facebook’s multi-faceted site. Twitter is great for people that want to spread their opinions, thoughts and ideas simply, without the clutter of images and advertisements. Tweeting is a much quicker and easier method then Facebook. However, users have to optimize posts using Hashtags or links, referencing anything lengthy or image-oriented. Otherwise, tweets become lost in the Twitter shuffle. No image posting is available via Twitter.

Social Media Speed Dial

Both Twitter and Facebook provide users with ways to communicate quickly and easily. People can choose the site they want, based on the type of share they desire. Quick texts can be used for either side, but Twitter does offer more diversity with delivery. The Facebook tag is beneficial, but only to those in the account user’s friends. Whatever the post, it goes no further than the inner circle on Facebook, whereas Twitter users can post directly to anyone’s page.

Both Facebook and Twitter allow people to use their smart devices, and contacting multiple people simultaneously, without having to spend hours making calls. Imagine having over one hundred friends or family members you need to reach but only having a telephone. It could take days to get through to them all. Social media eliminates all that dialing time. The message will get across, as quickly as you can type and hit send.

The Desolation of Verbal Conversation… Good? Bad?

People can almost go through life seldom participating in verbal communication if they choose. The spread of Social Media Syndrome via Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites have given people an easy out. Those who do not like talking on the phone, no longer have too. Post up about what a busy day you are having, or that your throat is killing you… either way, phone calls will probably be limited. The best part about social media is the speed, efficiency and ease with which one can communicate with one or a million people at once.

The sad aspect of the social media revolution is that some of the older generations are not tech-savvy, thus, they cannot participate. Facebook and Twitter, though children now learn them by 3… can be like learning a foreign language for the elderly. So… even if you find yourself caught up in the social media syndrome, try to make that phone call to Grandma every few weeks. She probably doesn’t Facebook or Tweet too often.

Opinions will definitely vary according to technical influence, age, and mental and physical ability, but Facebook and Twitter will probably be around quite a while longer. Even if they shut down, there are whole arrays of social media sites, just waiting to jump into the top contender spot.

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