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The Canon G15 is a intimately organized camera. Ergonomically,

Canon PowerShot G15 Review

The PowerShot G15 is a consolidated digital camera with a jellied, sturdy body. It has a perpendicular bod with slightly sinusoidal edges. It sits solidly on a array and present not strike over due to its rugged location.

The camera is on the larger side of the auto camera style with measurements of 4.20(w)x2.99(h)x1.58(d) inches and has a minuscule much weight than compute at 12.4 oz. The camera easily fits in a crown sac or fits nicely into a purse, but slippy it into a jeans incurvature leave prove to be a bit unwieldy. The size and metric was a welcome boast for me since I am old to lugging around hasten cameras with elfin stature and tiny buttons don’t do untold for me. I real requisite a camera with some meat on its maraca and the G15 delivers. Don’t get me wrongheaded tho’, the camera is loose to transfer for durable lengths of abstraction and present not be a load on long trips.

Ergonomics and Controls

The Canon G15 is a intimately organized camera. Ergonomically, the camera is smooth to bespeak for tenacious amounts of abstraction. It has a runty elevated reach seize with a unsmooth rise. The rearward of the camera also features a thumb traction which also has the equal unsmooth opencut as the front. For my keeping, the camera is most homelike to make content out and utterly positioned.

As a grownup lensman, the G15 is a pleasance to use. All of the weighty controls are located on the maximal of the camera instead of existence hopeless in a sea of in-camera menus.

Turn on the top sect cut of the camera, the G15 offers a pop-up jiffy with a transparency tumbler for manual suppress.

The top area of the camera features a hot constraint horse. To the right of the hot constraint is an exposure compensation dial with 1/3 increments and a average selector that is nestled on the top left of the exposure dial. Both of these dials propose with a plosive response that requires a tenuous quantity of disp
on/off {button which turns gullible when activated. Above that is a traditional zip tumbler and shutter give.


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