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The Best Web Design Trends in 2015

The field of web design is always evolving, not just in terms of the back-end technologies used but also in SEO, aesthetics, and features. The kinds of websites that were popular just a few years ago looked very different to the websites that we spend so much time on now, and any webmaster who wants to make sure that their site stays popular and relevant will need to keep one eye on the future and embrace the latest web design trends. Here is a quick look at what the best designers are doing in 2015.

The Best Web Design Trends in 2015

Endless Scrolling

Endless scrolling is one of the trends that is most rapidly gaining popularity. Facebook has used it for the news feed for a long time, but Apple is perhaps the company that employed it best. This trend is a great way to display large amounts of information.

Split screen Layouts

A split-screen layout is another great option for allowing you to promote multiple products or services on one page because it allows you to give equal prominence to more than one item. This symmetrical design is hard to get right, but if you can find a good designer, then it can be an eye-catching way of working.


Parallax scrolling is another relatively recent development. It is achieved using HTML5 and CSS3, and produces sharp and interesting effects, allowing the background of the website to move more slowly than the foreground. Sony’s official page is a great example of this kind of website design. If you are looking for web design in Reading, then skill in using HTML5 and CSS3 should be at the top of your list.

Social Media

Social media is another important field that is only going to see more emphasis in the future. You don’t just need to have a presence on social media, it is important that your website links clearly to that presence, and that you make it as easy as possible for people to follow and share from your website. Don’t treat social media and your site as separate properties – integrate them so that they serve and feed each other.
Some companies are ideal for working with both your own presence and linking to social media. They can help you to tell a story with your web presence, building the engagement that will turn visitors into not just customers, but brand advocates.

We are likely to see a lot of changes in the next few years, as local search and mobile become even more important, and the capabilities of HTML5 are explored in more depth. Websites are no longer a one-way experience. We can use and interact with our favorite websites in new and exciting ways, and we should expect to see that interactivity become even more important over the next year. For now, if you focus on responsive, mobile-friendly, interactive websites, and create content that tells a story, you will be ahead of the curve.

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