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Take a step forward with your PPC audience strategy – Few effective ideas

SEO-and-PPCSince the introduction of search, marketers have always used keywords in the form of proxies for user intention. But have you ever wondered about how accurate and appropriate can be keywords in anticipating a searcher’s stage in the journey of research? Someone who is looking for ‘best hotels Caribbean’ is definitely different from someone who is searching ‘best hotels’. In both the cases, the searcher might be in different point of readiness of their trip. Keywords can speak enough about who the actual user is and their level of familiarity with a service or product.

While an SEO can align the perfect keywords with the perfect landing page and ad, answering the former question is that which takes to win in the space which is highly competitive. These are few of the insights which play a key role in shaping the right bidding strategy and making sure the conversion rates are best. Here are few ideas to take your search engine audience strategy to another level.

RLSA is here for some time now and they have proved to be a successful strategy. If you’re someone who doesn’t still involve remarketing for search, exclude users who are now converted, you should do these immediately. But besides this, you should go even a step ahead. Make sure you set a small budget for the converters to sell them on add-ons, utilize custom sitelinks and transferring them to help sections and boost them to enroll in few loyalty programs or sign up with promotions. From the perspective of integrated marketing, apart from acquisition of customers, SEM may even play a vital role in loyalty-building and retention. When users look for fast user experience, the last thing that you would want is to irritate the customers.

  • Use other audience list which you have already

Email lists are also the most obvious and they can be used with Customer Match. There are other tactics like creating audience lists for customized campaigns from among the list who responded to various other promotions. This is more powerful if it is combined along with categorization by the date of your previous interaction. Email list subscribers have a different user experience.

  • Create lists that are based on the different sections of your site

Instead of treating all previous visitors in a similar manner, create audiences for paid search based on the recent visits. This way you can infer with increased accuracy who the user is who is buying a specific thing. Who are the women who have been visiting your pages? Is there a woman who visits the ‘woman’ section for buying for her or is it a man who visits the men’s section for purposes of gifting?

  • Look for in-market audiences

The in-market PPC audiences usually provide you with overlaying campaigns with audiences of users who are positively thinking of buying a certain product or service. They usually perform well for specific campaigns based on GDN and there are times when they outperform user’s segments. The beta for utilizing in-market audiences within standard search is closed as of writing. However you should stay tuned with the latest updates and test it when it opens up.

So, as we see, setting up search engine marketing efforts to align with it will help you in driving with the better relations with your organization and their multifarious channels from customer engagement to messaging to planning and budgeting. Keywords are still the King and management of audience is the queen. When they’re together, they make a powerful and happy couple.


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