Stormfall Age of War (Online Games)

Stormfall: Age of War Game is one of Plarium Strategy Games online  Lord Oberon has tasked you to end the evil that plagues the land Darkshine, and will need to build your own fortified castle where you fight enemies and look for allies to fight against rival lords battling for control of the remains fallen empire of Stormfall. In a land subdued by war, people ask the gods a hero, and your mission will be to claim the throne and bring peace through diplomacy and conquest.

Players do not have to fight alone because although there are rivals everywhere and aggressors, they may also establish trade and diplomatic relations with other lords, and even form alliances using the official league system. Still, being part of a league gives you protection and also attracts tribal leagues that challenge you and don’t hesitate to declare war and to declare their supremacy. This competitive PvP aspect of the game allows players to prove they are the best.

To have a chance in this world, players will have to focus on building their own empire starting with its castle. Each building having players within the walls of the castle has a specific purpose, from gathering resources to creating new military units. It is also very important to keep the armies and manage resources and must balance the use of iron, gold and food, necessary not only to build and train units but also to keep them indefinitely. Armies will constantly be consuming food, so it will be necessary to have a large reserve.

Players can also besiege castles, and while besieging get a percentage of their production of gold and iron, and the higher the level of the most besieged castle will be the number of resources achieved.

The units and buildings be unlocked thanks to the Lost Arts System, a kind of the technological tree in which players can learn new technologies and techniques to advance their empire. To learn this lost knowledge, the gentlemen will have to put their scribes and scholars to unlock the mysteries hidden in ancient scrolls; Players discover how to tame mythological beasts, build special buildings or train more powerful units. These scrolls can be sold in the gaming market.

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