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Specifications of Sony Xperia Z4 has leaked

Sony mobile communications is a multinational smartphone and mobile phone manufacturing group with its headquarters in Tokyo. This company is focusing on the market of smartphone under the brand name Xperia. This company is one among the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers.

Since heavy competition rises among the smartphone manufacturers, companies are competing with each other by introducing latest devices with new features. Sony Xperia X4 is the upcoming model of this mobile company.

Specifications of Sony Xperia Z4 has leaked

While this company is one of the major handset makers that release two flagship smartphones under the same series this year namely Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3, the specifications of the upcoming model Xperia Z4 have leaked in the web. The Japanese giant Sony had confirmed early of this year that there will be a six months time for a refresh cycle to its smartphones for keeping it up to date especially in terms of its features and specifications.

However, the tipster or the announcer that leaked the specifications and features of the upcoming model of Sony Xperia Z4 point out that smartphone will not be chased after the model Xperia Z5 in the year 2015. The report of an android origin via GSM Arena has quoted the tipster to state that the latest specification leaked Xperia Z3X device will not be released and this maybe a prototype model. The specifications and features gleaned by the Xperia Z3X standard match that tipped information of the Xperia Z4.

The successor of Xperia Z3 is tipped to have the features such as 5.5 inch QHD resolution display (1440 x 2560 pixels) that is same as IMX220 20.7 megapixel camera of previous generations. But this comes with a feature of the curved rear camera sensor. Some of the other features are 64bit quad core QUALCOMM snapdragon processor with 810 SoC that is clocked at 2.8 GHz, 4GB RAM, Adreno 430 GPU and a minimum storage variant of about 32 GB.

The model Xperia Z4 has also contained the features Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and Cat.6 LTE. One of the greatest features of this model is that this device is waterproof. One among the changes in the major design that are being rumored to have in the model of Sony Xperia Z4 is that the inclusion of the dedicated amplifier in the design for providing better sound quality. Remarkably, HTC is quite known by the users of smartphone for its feature boom sound speakers facing the front and this can be seen in several handsets of HTC.

The leak of the specifications about this upcoming version of Sony mobiles has made the smartphone users eager to get the device and enjoy the features of that device. This Xperia model will be expected to get launched in April next year. Even it is expected to get released in the month of March especially between the dates 2 and 5 of March in the celebration of mobile world congress. This event is going to be taking place in Barcelona.

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