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Smart Homes are no more a far-fetched dream – Samsung CEO makes it a reality

According to tech giants, smart home technology is coming at a speed we can barely imagine but Samsung already presumes true that this trend has more power than just being a new way to sell appliances. In the keynote speech for IFA 2014 Conference, BK Yoon, CEO of Samsung discussed how the Smart Home technology could not only shape the middle-class and wealthy homes but also the global forces that drive tech innovation. BK Yoon began his presentation by quoting Albert Einstein who said that household electricity would radically reshape our lives and his prediction turned out to be true.

From thermostats connected to the internet to household appliances that remind you to pick up your monthly groceries, the majority of the world’s tech giants are combating how people collaborate with everyday gadgets in their homes. In fact, as per the latest tech news, various tech brands like Siemens, Bosch to Philips and Panasonic are introducing new internet-based domestic products, following big names like Samsung and Google that have also joined the bandwagon of this nascent market within the last few months.

The Smart Home technology – A change in the horizon

Today you might think that Samsung is simply the company that made your washing machine, your TV or your phone but tomorrow if it gets the right opportunity, it will be the company that will give the electronic brain to your entire home. BK Yoon predicted the coming era of the smart home. Your home will figure out when you need to wake up and start sipping your coffee, it will turn your lights when you nod off, prompt you to take your medicine, and also suggest recipes that utilize the ingredients before they get rotten. For many, this is nothing but a vision. But this change is coming very soon, as what the latest tech news says.

The adaptability of smart homes and utilizing small spaces

MIT Media Lab’s Kent Larson was also at the IFA Conference to showcase some ways his team is experimenting with future home technology. The main benefit or USP of this technology will be adaptability and utilizing small spaces. Dining tables can be lowered from the roof, beds can slide out of wardrobes, and smart walls can be moved in and out, thereby enabling people in smaller homes to make use of more room. The smart furniture will be connected to the Internet of Things. Alex Hawkinson, CEO of Smart Things outlined his company’s goal to turn every home into a smart home.

45 million Smart Homes by 2018 – Making the vision a reality

Consumers have already heard plenty about the plan of Samsung to introduce smart homes but what was noteworthy was the enthusiasm that BK Yoon showed for the technology and how he focused on making this vision a reality. As per the latest tech news, he predicts that there would be 45 million smart homes by 2018 in a global market that is worth $100 million. He pledges to work with anybody and everybody who shares this vision and will open up their standards to expedite the process.

The Smart Home technology is on the brink of adoption and it’s a rather compelling vision. The challenge now is to evolve the technology so that it becomes inconspicuous and easy to use and to convince the consumers that it’s worth their dollars.

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