SEO Recommendations for Website Optimization: How to Apply Description

Recommendations for SEO site optimization from the web studio AVANZET will help prepare the resource for promotion in search engines. By using the Description tag correctly, you can get good results. If you need website development with SEO optimization, you can order the company’s website in our web studio. We will carry out all turnkey works with promotion and guarantee of results.

Why do you need SEO website optimization in principle? The answer is simple: to increase the position of the site in the search results in order to promote it for certain key user queries. When analyzing search engine optimization methods, one of the most important is the correct use of the Description tag.

It is this tag that is involved in the formation of the snippet (this is a short text that describes the page in the search results). The keywords in the snippet will highlighted in bold if they exactly match the user’s request. Therefore, when preparing the Description, it is important to include key phrases in it, as this increases the likelihood of clicking on the link from the search results.

Despite the fact that the content of the Description tag is not directly involved in the ranking of the site, it is important precisely because it is used to form the snippet that appears in the search results.

What makes a good snippet in search results?

The snippet is the basis for the formation of good behavioral factors. Which in the future affect the growth of the site’s positions, since behavioral factors, in recent years, give a significant contribution to the ranking of the page.

The logic of search engines is as follows: if a site often clicked from the search results. It means that it exactly meets user requests. Therefore, it makes sense to raise it higher in the search.

Description is capable of indirectly affecting the ranking of a web page. With its help, you can create a beautiful clickable snippet that will improve the behavioral factors of the site and its position in a specific request.

Website Optimization: Recommendations for Properly Filling in the Description Meta Tag:

  • Describe the content of one specific page, not the entire resource
  • It is necessary to use individual descriptions for each page since Google does not show duplicate descriptions in snippets
  • The best tag length should be about 170 characters with a concise and clear description of the page
  • When optimizing a website for low-frequency queries, be sure to use them in the Meta Description, this will increase the chances of the text getting into the snippet
  • Place keywords and important information at the very beginning of the meta description, since search engines give the most preference to the beginning of the description when forming a snippet.
  • The Description tag should contain up-to-date information about the page, for example, the price of a product or service and place an order to SEO company.

There are several important reasons why you need a Meta Description tag for SEO site optimization:

  • Typically, Google takes a snippet from the existing Meta Description tag of the page. Its presence will favourably affect the position of the site in the search query.
  • The Yandex search engine also began to pay much more attention to Description for the formation of the page snippet. If earlier it was a rarity, now it is one of the main rules.
  • Meta Description tag helps to increase traffic since a good meta description in a snippet can significantly increase site visits and current positions.
  • Well-formed snippets, as a result of high click-through rates, will lead to an increase in behavioural factors, which will gradually cause an increase in site positions, especially in the Yandex search engine.

Order the production of SEO optimized website

Web studio “AVANZET” specializes in the development of sites prepared for search engine promotion. In our company, you can order the production of a website that will be immediately optimized for promotion in search engines.

This will significantly reduce your budget for promotion, and most importantly, you will receive a significant gain in time, since the resource will begin its natural promotion due to competent internal optimization. The next article SEO Search Engine Optimization of a Site Using the Title Tag reveals the features of competently composing Title tags.

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