Samsung CEO’s Speech About Smart Homes

Smart homes are one of the advanced technologies that automate household work. Home automation includes centralized control of lights, ventilation, air conditioning, and heating. The technology is a far-fetched dream of the technical experts and they are working hard on the technology to improve its performance. The CEO of Samsung BK Yoon added a keynote in his speech for the IFA conference 2014.

In his presentation about smart home technology, he quoted Albert Einstein and his dream. Smart home technology is not only for wealthy and middle-class homes. In the presentation, he told that Samsung already presumes that this trend is a more powerful home appliance. The presentation states that smart home technology is at a speed that we cannot imagine.

The CEO of Samsung told that the smart homes are going to become popular among the people

Home automation is the technology that uses computer and information technology to control home appliances. Home automation is reliable and energy-efficient so it is easy for people to install it in their houses. This technology is also available for controlling the gates and doors of a house. The gate and door control embedded in the smart home technology is increasing the security of the house.

The smart homes are becoming more popular among people because of their advanced technologies. The smart home controls all household activities without any manpower. Using the technology, one can improve the security of their house without any additional effort. The technology is embedded with a video surveillance camera to monitor the house.

In the IFA conference 2014, the CEO of Samsung stated that the dream of home automation is going to be true within a short period. The conference is conducted once in a year and it is useful for the companies to discuss the tax rates and its usefulness. The CEO of Samsung participated in the conference and presented about smart homes and its technical specifications. In the presentation, he told that by using a computer and information technology smart homes are becoming more powerful.

A number of technical experts were working on smart home technology to make it more and more powerful. BK Yoon also added that Samsung is not only manufacturing and retailing household equipment such as washing machines, TV and etcetera.

The CEO of Samsung told that smart homes are going to become popular among people because of its automation techniques. This technology is going to be a part of every human being and it will reduce the power and energy consumption in household activities. The technology will be affordable for any kind of people and it will be useful for them to automate household activities.

There are many internet pages stating the speech of BK Yoon and its explanation. It will be useful for people to know about smart home technology and its specifications. The details displayed on the internet about smart homes will be helpful for people to know about their usefulness.

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