Running A Virtual Business: How We Make it Work

Many challenges come with starting up your own business, but very few are as stressful as finding the perfect place to start. Commercial leases are expensive and often require a healthy budget to adapt the property to your office needs. The great news is that those stories about starting companies from small garages are not only real but more common than ever.

Technology has developed where an entire phone system can be hosted from the cloud. We don’t have to spend money from our limited budgets to install an internal server because specialized data centers are ready to offer those hosting services. As I’ll explain in this article, our business works from several locations, which is why colocation works for us. If you’re curious and want to know more, here’s the link to our provider’s website to check out the details.

Why Remote Working?

By putting a remote work strategy in place, we do not need a large office space. Everyone works from home, and we save money on rent and maintenance. The money you save there can be allocated towards technology, advertising, salaries, and any other need. Working with VoIP lines instead of traditional landlines allows us to configure a virtual assistant and toll-free number. So, customers call a single number and get redirected appropriately.

Providing a solid platform

Since our office is almost entirely virtual, we invested in an internal system where we can handle everything with no problem. Every worker logs in to upload their work or access client’s information. This is why you need to make it a solid, well-guarded platform. After all, it will contain all of your valuable data.

In terms of productivity, if you take a look at these statistics published on, you will notice that remote workers have a higher sense of work autonomy. This works as a performance booster and increases job satisfaction. However, it can only be achieved if there is a reliable system to work with.

Making yourself available 24/7

Whether you are an online retailer or service provider, letting customers find you easily is essential. A virtual business needs functional communication channels because you don’t have an office where customers can go to. In other words, you must strengthen your telephone customer service and social media presence and provide quick inquiry responses. Don’t allow competitors to get ahold of your clients because of an inefficient communication system.

Understanding your target

It’s hard to believe that some people are still unfamiliar with online shopping or remote service providers. But it is a fact, and sometimes the problem is that potential customers are not ready to trust an unconventional business style. They need to walk into an office and meet their providers. If that is the case, it is up to you to gain their trust. Perhaps making a representative visit them or setting up a small information office is the best way to go.

Parvesh Bravo

My name is Parvesh Bravo and i am a web enthusiast and blogger from India. I believe that technology has affected society and its surroundings in a number of ways. In many societies, technology has helped develop more advanced economies and has allowed the rise of a leisure class.
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