Remote DBA experts answer FAQs on MYSQL

Remote DBA experts answer FAQs on

If you are a newbie entrepreneur and you believe going digital is the way to go, then a website is something bare minimum one must consider among other things to reach out to its targeted audience and not restrict itself to a geographically limited consumer database. In such cases, SQL must mean to you much more than just a fancy abbreviation. Day by day more people have started realizing the importance of SQL and have started utilizing MYSQL to exploit the full potential of their venture. Remote DBA experts answer a few basic yet important things to know about MYSQL

What is SQL?

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language that is responsible for managing the data in relational databases. Even if your website is just a blogging page, some for or the other SQL will surely be utilized. There are many types of SQLs. Microsoft SQL, Oracle SQL, and open source and now widely used MYSQL. If you are planning to have a website that is not just a static page. You will be utilizing some form of SQL for sure. Hence it is important to learn about SQL. For the purpose of our discussion on this forum, we remote DBA experts – will restrict our topic to MYSQL.

How MYSQL will help you?

MY SQL is responsible for the storage and retrieval of the data stored on your page. Let’s continue with our previous example of a blogging website. So in this case, if you write a blog and hit publish, that data is in fact stored on MY SQL server behind the page. And hence if at all you want to edit it later or have a look at it later, it is then retrieved from that MY SQL table for display. People’s comments on the blog are also saved on MY SQL table behind the page for retrieval.

We can consider MY SQL as a huge back up data base or a register. Consisting of many types of information scattered everywhere. MY SQL keeps all these scattered elements in systematic tables only for retrieval later on.  So you and your users can have a smoother browsing experience.

What makes MY SQL so special?

MY SQL is responsible for making many world-class websites- world-class! Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter etc all use MY SQL database. A huge amount of data is stored by My SQL every day. Data like videos and pictures and heavy analytical reports etc. if My SQL is successful in storing that data then it surely is more than capable in storing the data for the website.

My SQL is an open-source database server available readily. So basically it’s a free service available. Also My SQL is extremely fast hence naturally it becomes a favorite choice for many of the websites around the globe that require holding and processing a large amount of data quickly.

Should you work on MY SQL?

If your requirement is anything even remotely as described above, the answer is a big yes!! You need to learn MY SQL. You can decide not to go ahead with it if you want a nondynamic and static page. Then there is no need to go for SQL. And even if you think you are able to manage the requirement with other technology than SQL, remote DBA experts – still recommend that you go ahead with tried and tested solution of My SQL.

Due to its popularity and easy availability almost all web hosting providers include My SQL in their std packages. Hence it has become extremely convenient now to work with My SQL and enhance the user experience.

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