Pros and cons of client-based and task-based link work – Which one to choose?

link development taskAre you wondering which link team structure you should choose for your company? If you’ve experienced both task-based and client-based assignments, you would know how to structure your team accordingly. But if you’re someone who doesn’t have an idea of which to consider, you can take a look at the pros and cons of both of the options. Read on.

Client-based link development work

As the name suggests, here the team members will be working for the link development of a single client or multiple clients but all they will be doing will be for clients only. From negotiating link positions and finding new link partners, everything is done for the client.

Benefit: In-depth and intense knowledge

The benefit of working with a single client is that you get to know them closely. Once you work with them for few months, you can get some of the most relevant opportunities for links. You can easily concentrate on the depth and breadth of the offerings of the clients you can even gain enough confidence of being an expert of the client.

Pitfall: Boredom and monotony

Depending on your tolerance level to work on the same old thing for a long period of time, feeling bored is a pretty common feeling. Although it’s easy to move on to a new client, but if you can’t do that, you will definitely burn out very soon.

Task-based link development work

With task-based work, every team member will be given a specific facet of link building instead of dealing with a respective client. This way a team member can become an expert in a particular process.

Benefit: Enhances efficiency

There will be some people who will be better at some tasks than the others. Each and everyone will be more efficient and as soon as you know a process, you can nail it. You can be great at finding new link partners but you may be not good at sending emails.

Pitfall: Dearth of challenge

In more ways than one, this is certainly better than getting bored but you will find tough to more forward doing the same thing over and over again. You will find your brain stagnating at one point of time.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about which form of team to build, take into account the pros and cons mentioned above and make sure you make an informed decision.


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