New Learning Management System Solutions from Microsoft Partners

With school resumption underway and classrooms starting to buzz again with energies from students, there is no better time to introduce tools and solutions for students and teachers to succeed. New learning management systems (LMS) solutions from Microsoft partners will help you stay better connected and engaged, whether you just want to add a social-emotional learning tool or you are organizing virtual classrooms. Here are some LMS solutions that you can get started with on Microsoft Azure. 

Firefly on Teams

This is a tool that can help you structure your teaching in and beyond your classroom. This solution is designed to allow the teachers to support the students better and save time. There are two apps under this tool that teachers can use to create, organize, and structure their curriculums and manage their classes. 

●  Firefly curriculum app

This app has a drag and drops feature, embedded video and audio files, and partners with third-party tools extensively. With this app, teachers and students can get more time back as they can gather curriculum resources in Teams. 

The content management system ensures that teachers can create rich content and share their libraries with their students. According to the essay writer service, this app also helps teachers work with their existing course structure and reuse the same content year on year. 

●  Firefly seating plan 

With this app, the process of creating and editing seating charts and sharing them with other teachers is super easy, and the teachers do not even have to leave Teams. In addition, educators can use classroom tools such as group creator, countdown timer, and student picker. They can also keep crucial information about their several students easily accessible to them within Teams. 


This LMS tool for K-12 is created with several capabilities within a single application, such as time-saving tools for parents and educators, innovative analytics, and assessment and reporting. 

As classrooms continue to adopt hybrid and remote learning, it is more important to engage in social-emotional learning. So for the school year of 2021 fall, this app has introduced a new feature – the social-emotional check-ins – as part of the LMS. 

This new feature focuses on the students’ wellbeing and lets them choose from several animated icons, differentiating their intensity with color codes.

This enables the teachers to see the students’ emotions and monitor the trends and patterns over time. They can also engage the students and decide to take appropriate actions based on the district and school protocols.

Academic experts created this social-emotional check-in system by partnering exclusively with a nonprofit organization, MindUP, founded by Goldie Hawn, to improve the emotional wellbeing of children. 


Beedle uses a set of modules to extend the functionality of a Microsoft Team. These modules comprise an entire LMS (learning management systems). Since you already have Teams installed, you can start using it immediately without incurring an extra cost with Beedle’s key modules: Beedle Planning, Beedle Class List, Beedle Diary, and Beedle Assessment. 

●  Beedle Planning

This tool is used to create and share resources and plans with colleagues and students and has an interactive calendar that it is linked to. 

●  Beedle Class List

This module offers a user-friendly and fast reference for class members and provides both random student selection and random group generation. 

●  Beedle Diary

With this journal, a teacher may record notes or comments against the students, which may be for their individual use or shared with the class. 

●  Beedle Assessment

This tool provides a handy place for recording and sharing assessment data. It is compatible with both number and text formats. 

These modules have their data that is easy to download as a spreadsheet to be shared easily outside Microsoft Teams. 


As stated in a pro essay writing service, whether you are looking to improve the social-emotional learning with your students or you are only looking to be more organized, you can get all the help you need from Microsoft Education Partners.


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