Most Frequent Complaints We’ve Heard about Online Video Maker

There are various ways to entertain the public; most of all is through videos. However, they become boring if you do not build consistency with something new. To do this, you need an online video maker and learn about its importance and limitations.

Videos as the primary source of visual fun for most people won’t miss scrutiny by video pros and complaints about it. Online video maker software is the best at creating videos in an efficient and affordable manner. You can also use it to get quality videos of your choice and visual interpretations. These days, it has gained popularity as the most persuasive and powerful tool for making videos.

Video maker tools make the best use of available tools, vibrant colour, templates, animated characters, and music transitions to impact the final video result. Being helpful as it is, there are many hilarious complaints about online video maker tools. Here are some of them:

1. They are Costly

One of the most significant complaints people have is the significant fee for using these tools. However, if you add up fees to produce a video, from a digital camera to computer to editing software, it is significantly higher. Furthermore, many people are even frustrating and end up with cheap tools that produce low-quality videos.

2. Poor Audio Quality

Nothing is frustrating to the audience as poorly recorded or low-quality audio. Audio is the most crucial element in video making. You create videos to pass some information to the audience, and you should attain it through good ideas. Visuals cannot do much if you do not work on the clarity of your audio. For instance, if you are making interview videos, ensure you cut off awkward pauses that you come across. To make the interviewer and interviewee look professional- If you are using background music, it should not overpower your audio; set a balance.

3. Limited Choice and Features

When making a video, there is a need for sufficient features and choices to work with. It’s the opposite of what the video making software offers. Depending on the software you use, the features and options may cost you extra or need expensive plug-ins to achieve your desired goal. As you purchase a video making tool, ensure it has inclusive features.

4. Safety of Data

Like any other internet media, it carries viruses, adware, malware, and spyware. These programs make the software free. When downloading the program, terms and conditions may list add-ons that are harmless to your phone or computer. To protect your computer from these added programs, install antivirus software to scan downloads and execute files.

As technology advances, there will also be more insecurity in making online videos. There will be more data collection of private information, making it difficult to store the data safe. With a single breach, necessary information will leak into the hand of terrorists or criminals. A reason many have complained about the software.

5. It Requires a Fast Internet Connection

Making videos requires a sufficient, fast, and quality internet connection. While this is not an issue of concern to people using internet cables, those with unreliable and slow connections may experience problems when downloading and using video making features. If the internet connection is cut off during the process, you will be out of luck as you have to start the process again. The best way to solve this is by getting an alternative for a fast internet connection.

6. Slow Performance, Time Consuming

It needs time and concentration from planning and filming to the final product to produce a good video. The time you take to run the video on your computer, work on scenes, edit, and create the last video consumes chunks of your free time. Many software and phone companies are trying to combine the editing system in the gadgets to ease the process and time consuming; though it seems easy, it still requires time to do it right.

7. Lack of Customer Support

Another complaint on the video making software is the lack of customer care support when you have issues or questions about the software. However, there are many discussion forums on social media platforms to discuss with others who have the same software.

How Online Video Maker Software Nowadays has Overcome Those Stigmas

Several complaints about the video making software have gone an extra notch in handling the problems. It has increased its support staff, and you do not have to go through a problem with the software alone. You can contact them with questions and inquiries. They have improved their choices and features such that whatever idea you have in mind will fit with the elements in the software.


Everything has its advantages and complaints from users. While technology has its limitations, the positive sides always outweigh the drawbacks. While making your online videos, it is best to consider cheap solutions and techniques as you advance.

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