Minspy- Cell Phone Tracker Online Website Review

Minspy is a phone data tracker software used to spy all the data of a phone without touching or using it. You can track all the recent activities of the phone secretly. The software is accessible for both iPhone and Android devices. Millions of people are using this online platform across 190+ countries. The software is accessible throughout the world. 

Purpose of Minspy

The main purpose of the monitoring software is to keep you aware of the activities of your children and family members to keep them closest to you and trustworthy. The world is progressing quickly, the internet world has expanded without boundaries. Nobody can control positive or negative content. Children are the most innocent creature in this world, they don’t have enough knowledge to move positively or negatively. The sexual or harmful content attracts them and they become addicted to it. This is a very painstaking moment for the parents to get them out of this absurd usage. Time demands to overlook their activities to ensure positive usage. To build a healthy and strong nation it is essential to track the activities of your children.

Minspy Features

Hundreds of spy monitoring sites are available over the internet to track someone’s phone activity. But why! I’m emphasizing Minspy, here are the reasons:

Calls and Messaging Tracking

You can not only track calls but also messages of the targeted phone. You can know about the incoming and outgoing call times along with call duration. This will guide you about the callers and the total number of calls remotely. 

Minspy has been featured to track incoming and outgoing texts and messages. Even you can also read the deleted messages by auto-archive mode. In this way, you’ll be also able to know about the talking behavior and topic of your child. Moreover, you can also get contacts details, media files, and data entries time.

Social Media Activity Monitoring

In this era, social media platforms are mostly used by the young age group. They share their daily activities on social media accounts. Social media is full of negative and ill content along with healthy and informative content. To view that which content is followed by your child on social media platforms you should Minspy. You can also track WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Instagram, and other few platforms browsing details on it. The messages on these networks are also readable with friends.

No root and Jailbreak

After installing the app, this software will start working without indulging you in extra formalities. Its user-friendly workability lessens the stress of users. You have to install the app on the targeted phone and let it do work without any interruptions. The app performs its function in the background. You don’t have to root the software. 

Location Tracker

The main feature of the software is that it allows you to find the location of your tagetes device through maps. The Google 3d street maps give all information about the visited places along with detailed addresses. The target phone location varies according to real-time.

You can also add an alerted place on the app in the software, to get an alert instantly whenever your child visits that place. This real-time location alert is the need of every parent.

Hidden Mode

The hidden mode hides the installed app on the mobile. The user of the mobile will not be able to find the app. However, you’ll be able to locate and track its activities. The mode is named stealth mode in the app.

Browsers History

Through Minspy, you can also track the searching details of all internet browsers. What your child is searching and what is his most used site? All the detailed is history can be viewed on the website.

Is it Safe to Use Minspy?

While using any spy browser the main concern of a person is about the data and privacy. Minspy cares about the personal privacy of everybody. There is no data leakage complaint or any concern is listed by its users.

How does Minspy Works?

The whole working methodology of the Minspy takes a few minutes after buying a subscription plan. You get access to all features instantly. The website is a charm when it emanates to working. You have to create an account and to subscribe a package for it.

For iPhone:

 If you want to monitor an iPhone, then you don’t need to install the app even to touch the targeted phone. You have to simply integrate the iCloud account of that phone into the site and look out for all the activity of that mobile. All the information is stored in the backup of iCloud and then is transferred to Minspy.

For Android:

To track any android phone or tablet you have to install the Minspy app on the mobile.The size of the app is less than 5MB, it will not cause any storage issue in your android device and consumes less battery. The app runs in the background and doesn’t send any screen notifications. The app will spy on all the information and will transfer it to the website. In this way, you’ll be able to track all the information of that target mobile. You have to follow these steps for the complete running of the Minspy,

  1. Register your account and get the paid package
  2. Install the Minspy app on the targeted device, the app will be hidden automatically
  3. Click on the start button on the website
  4. After some time you’ll proceed to the dashboard of the website with special tabs of tracking in many categories.


There are flexible packages of 1 month, 3-month, 12 months are available for the users. The pricing plan starts from $9.99 monthly for Android and for iOs from $10.83 monthly.

Minspy Pricing

Final Verdict

Like employee Monitoring Software, this mobile tracking software is also quite secure and easy to use. As parents are well aware of the internet threats and issues relates to its useability. So, they always require such software to monitor all the activities of their child. Hope this article will be worth reading for you.

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