Make satisfactory searched through Google’s Project Owl


Google was facing search quality problems in the recent period like offensive search proposals and fake information showing at the peak of its results. Google is now trying to resolve these issues through its “Project Owl” with the help of particular actions.

Specifically, Google is now initiating:

  • A new opinion form for search proposals and formal policies about reasons why proposals might be eliminated.
  • A new opinion form for “Featured Snippets” response.
  • To develop search quality on trustworthy content.

We are going to discuss these points individually.


Project Owl and problematic content

Google starts project owl as a part of efforts to resolve the issues on problematic searches. As owl is the symbol of wisdom, Google’s trying to bring back wisdom in areas of trouble.

Problematic searches term used for the situation where Google is fighting for the consequences of the post-truth world. The number of content producing is increasing continuously that reaffirms a specific world vision or judgment in spite of actual facts. Moreover, queries are made in huge volume by users for urban myths, slurs, derogatory and rumors topics which influences the search proposals that Google suggests in offensive and might be in dangerous ways.

Queries like this create problems as these are not fall in specific areas where Google has characteristically taken action. Google has already dealt with search spam, where users try to influence the search results outside suitable practices for financial gain. Google has had to tackle with piracy as well as poor quality content presenting for popular searches.

Improving Autocomplete search suggestions

“Auto completion” is the first step to take in the project owl. These are the suggestions made by Google when users start to enter their desired words in the search box. This option was given by Google to speed up the search. If users type “wea” it probably means “weather”. It also suggests words “weather today” and “weather tomorrow” as these are considered popular searches. Proposals come from real things users search on, they can show the the unsavory attitude that users may have or problematic topics searched by them.

Google has faced such problems in the previous years. At last, a new thought has encouraged to take action. Recently Google has launched a partial test by permitting users to report nasty or problematic search proposals. Now, this system is available for every user in every corner of the world. This option is located right below side of Google suggestion box. Users can report irrelevant and offensive suggestion from options available there.

Improving ‘Featured Snippets’ answers

Google has been facing criticism in the recent months for its featured snippets.It shows when Google wants to make higher one of its search results among others in a special display. This was because Google feels better that specific answer for that question.

Google assist usage of featured snippets on android devices and Google home, where Google gives an answer in the response to queries. Serious issues arise when those responses are problematic, as this happened in last December when Google respond as “some degree of prostitute” and “a little evil” on a query of “are woman evil”.

Google is now dealing with this issue in two ways. Providing feedback link below the suggestion box where users can choose their relevant phrase which is helpful for them. New addition is the option allows users to point out the phrase they don’t like, find it racist or offensive, hateful, vulgar, sexually explicit, violent, dangerous, inaccurate or misleading.

Highlighting on authoritative content

Google hopes to tackle with problematic featured snippets by improving the quality of search for authoritative content publishing on websites. This search might be better as compared to only snippets.Google has started working on this recently by making amendments in its search algorithm works with a view to increasing the results for authoritative content. Search quality rater’s starts to flagging content which is offensive and upsetting.

These amendments announced publically to gain fresh views of viewers.

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