Learning and Development – How to Invest for Success

In today’s post-pandemic era, the trend has now shifted to boosting productivity via the employees in the company. But how can employees become a more productive labor force? The common option is for learning and development (L&D) programs. Currently, only around 8% of L&D measure their return on investment (ROI), however this is very likely to change. However, aside from financial gain, what else are companies looking for with these L&D programs?

Learning and Development Benefits

Namely, in tandem with the new emphasis on Learning and Development, companies have begun to measure specified employee metrics. Rather than simply noting who has been trained, companies now look for increased sales during training as well as greater employee confidence. While the decision to undertake L&D programs seems simple, the choice of L&D program is not. In fact, many companies opt for the in-person options for a more tangible experience for employees. However, in-person mediums require time to create and more time to consume a program, and various costs in accommodation of the program teacher.

In addition to the resource-intensive nature of physical training, it is largely perceived as ineffective by employees. Around a quarter of employees see the training as immediately forgettable, irrelevant, and obsolete within the context of their job. Fortunately, certain online alternatives have proven fruitful, with Arist being one of the best alternatives. With Arist, the resource-intensity is significantly decreased, and employees learn more rapidly and thoroughly as well as reporting higher confidence.


Ultimately, the trend of teaching employees through learning and development programs is mutually beneficial to companies and employees alike. However, enabling learning through poor quality programs is a disservice to employees and a poor use of capital. Along with teaching employees, finding more efficient and effective ways to do so should be paramount. In turn, companies who train the best should expect to enjoy the best boost to ROI and productivity.

Measuring the ROI of corporate learning
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