Internet Technology helps develop skills in your kids – Know how

Internet Technology helps develop skills in your kids – Know how

A majority of parents are worried about the fact that their kids are spending more time on the PC. At the same time, you must think twice before asking your child to log-out; remember whatever he is learning will contribute towards his future. In order to find a great job, students can no longer depend on their academic qualification; it’s just not sufficient. These days, employers expect considerable technological know-how from a candidate.


You must first understand what your children actually need. Is negotiating Facebook actually harmful for them? Do they actually need to send such long emails? You could hardly be sure which computer applications will be good for the future of your child, when you think he is getting distracted by it. May be you’re stressing too much on his offline homework.

Different corporate researchers have surveyed professionals associated with global corporations and found that the job market demands specific computer skills. The outcomes of such researches tend to differ due to the varying careers opted by professionals. It helps researchers identify the key computer skills that are in demand.

Computer skills that are unanimously recommended for children are as follows –


All online technologies are driven by the keyboard. Typing well is perhaps the most important skill of all. Taking lecture notes have become a lot easier for students that carry laptops in college classrooms. These days you can’t do much with your slow typing.

E-Mailing Etiquette

Emailing is certainly a good option for communicating necessities. A business note needs to be written properly by following all etiquettes; your student must know this. He must understand that his emails can be forwarded by clicking on the “forward” option or replied by clicking on the “Reply” option. Apart from writing emails, he should also understand the right time to speak to others over the phone.

Word Processing

Microsoft Word is a program that is used by all students during their project work. Document formatting in a proper manner is very important for all students. Utilizing footnotes, page numbering and using content tables are some of the specific skills that are important for them. There are a few words and terms that look nice to the PC even when you’re using them incorrectly. That’s why it is necessary for all students to rely on Grammar-Check and Spell-Check.


When it comes to group meetings, students find a standard tool in the form of PowerPoint presentations. A convincing presentation adds more to the confidence of a child. Copying and pasting content to slides won’t help, unless they yield a visual appeal.


No student should expect a prosperous career if he can’t use MS-Excel in its basic form. Keeping a proper track of spreadsheet data is truly important for all students. They should know how to use the graphing functions as well as the basic spreadsheet formula. You may ask your teenager to maintain a list of his expenses and savings in a spreadsheet.

In the event your child wants to move ahead of others, a few other applications have been recommended by the polled professionals. The skills that have been recommended in addition to the ones mentioned above are blogging, developing custom web pages and an effective management of file and photo. In order to utilize these additional skills, your child needs to master all skills mentioned above. Going through technology news regularly will help him advance and analyze his career opportunities.

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