Internet Speed Through Wireless Is Increasing Day By Day

Today internet became one of the most common resources for all people on earth where there are a number of ways through which people get connected through to make sure that they are getting connected with the rest of the world in a better manner. There are a number of purposes that the internet serves to us that are useful in a number of aspects. At a time when internet came to reach of common people, there are a number of questions raised about the trustworthiness of the internet and how effective it can deliver data at best to the customer end.

The days of using the plain old landline and other types of connection for data connectivity has ended where there are many people making use of the existing mobile network for the purpose of browsing over internet. the benefit of doing so is to make sure that people can able to use the same network both for the purpose of voice and also for the data. There are a wide range of networks available that are capable of providing data at higher rates to their customers. The data speed in mobile networks can be broadly classified in terms of generations.

There are also advancements took place to this technique, which landed us in the WIFI technology

Increase in data rate through years

At the time when we landed for the option of wireless networking, the first facility that is provided is the voice which is deemed to be the 1G technology. As it seems to be a little thing for the enormous capacity it has in its potential, later text based services are provided. This still seemed to be a little for people, they later added on the feature of going for the improved data through which they are able to deliver only up to some KB in the beginning.

As the trend proceeded, we landed in the popular technology those we are very often using, which is nothing but the GPRS and EDGE technology where it stands in terms of the generation of 2.5 and 2.75G respectively. For the fast world that we are living today, this is not enough and hence we need to move for some other ways.

In the recent days, there are many people begun to use the latest technology of 3G which is more and more optimized for the purpose of data usage where there are a number of people using high speed internet connectivity option through means of this connection. This 3G is one of the most important transitions in the world of computer technology since many people are now getting speeds greater than the wire connection through means of wireless technology. There are also advancements took place to this technique, which landed us in the

There are also advancements took place to this technique, which landed us in the WIFI technology. Although it is considered to be a kind of technology that is present like that of Bluetooth, the much awaited 4G technology that is implemented in several parts of the world are similar to that of the WIFI network in a number of aspects. There are also many advancements being made in their overlaying technology too.


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