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How to Use Social Media as Your Business’s Marketing Strategy

When it comes to business marketing strategies, social media plays a vital role in the digital age. Yes, we are now at the peak of social media and business marketing integration, with a very promising future. Small, medium-sized, and multinational companies take advantage of this platform to gain a broader customer base and increase revenue within a short period. Doing business is now faster, easier, and more straightforward.

But, how do you use social as an effective business marketing strategy? How do you engage your customers to be your brand ambassadors? Let’s find out!

Social Media Branding Formula

  • Use one common profile and one cover photo across all social media channels.
  • Post a common short brand description across all social networks.
  • Insert your website link to your social media posts.
  • Post updates, at least once a day, on your top ranking social media networks and a few updates on the rest per week.

How to Engage Customers Through Social Media

1- Share Valuable Content

To promote your business, it’s essential to share great content every time. Your posts should not only center directly on encouraging customers to purchase your products or to avail of your services but also help people resolve their everyday struggles and questions related to your products and services.

For example, if you sell smartwatches, be sure to educate your target audience about the most practical features of a smartwatch. Highlight how these features can help them in their daily activities, such as being able to check their emails, read the news, and receive important alerts while they are on the go. Surely, there will be interested people who would want to find out more about smartwatches and who will turn into potential customers.

2- Ignite a Good Conversation

Asking conversation-starter questions will stir the curiosity of online users and encourage them to share their ideas, insights, and opinions. For instance, Facebook fans would be driven to share their own real-life stories if you post a question focusing on the real challenges of people that can be addressed by your product or service. If you are selling a slimming food supplement or fitness device to help people lose weight, you can post, “Are you tired of dealing with your flabby tummy?”  Be creative and engage with the audience.

3- Share Your Expertise

Social media marketing can be fun and exciting. Share a trivia or post a trivia question that’s related to your product and offer a prize or special deal to the first person who can answer it correctly. Provide your audience with helpful tips and tricks, access to white papers, and how-to guides.

4- Reward Virtual Check-ins

Encourage your followers to ask their family and friends to join them on your fan page. You can conduct a point-system for every referral. Those who reach the maximum points will receive a discount on your top products, like thin bezel monitors or a car keychain or a fashion accessory. This strategy will expand your customer reach exponentially.

5- Take Advantage of Infographics

Creating a Pinterest board with eye-catching infographics is a good idea. You can use infographics to run a contest and reward social media users for their participation. Encourage your customers to re-pin and create boards reflecting your primary contest to amplify your campaign.

How Social Media Channels Help You Target Your Customers

1- Facebook

The specific targeting of Facebook enables you to choose from demographic categories (e.g., ethnic affinity, education, life events), interests categories (e.g., family, fitness, entertainment, business), and behavior categories (e.g., B2B, consumer classification, charitable donations, digital activities). Facebook Insights allows you to see how many users have liked and have been impressed by your content.

2- Twitter

You can target users who have visited your web page, newsletter subscribers, SMS list, and your customer database. Use Twitter Cards to make creative tweets with your content. Through Twitter Analytics, you learn about the impression made by your tweets across the Twittersphere.

3- LinkedIn

This social media platform is a powerful advertising avenue for B2B marketing.

Final Thought

Social media is used to tap the more personal side of a company’s analytics because of the broader fan base. Whatever you choose, either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Peach, Snapchat, Periscope, or a combination of any of these, social media is a significant influence in the success of your business marketing strategy and your business as a whole. Keeping in mind the tips mentioned above will make your social media business marketing strategy more effective and successful.

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