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How To Turn Off the Bothering Features of iOS 8

The latest software of apple is iOS 8. This operating system can be used in the devices such as iPhones, iPods,s, and Ipad. This software is available for users to download from the store. The latest operating system comes with various features, functions, and toggles for the comfortable of the user. In spite of the positive features of this software, there are some features that the user may not want to use in this software. These features may even make the user revert back to the old version of iOS 7. Some of the features that can be switched off from using it in this latest software are as follows.

Context sensitive text

The keyboard of the software iOS 8 provides predictive typing for the user to pick the one they want to type. This will offer the user a list of possible words that can be formed with the letters typed by the user. However, this makes texting faster; some of the users may feel this is a disturbance rather than a help. This predictive texting can be switched off using the following commands. Go to settings, you will find an option called general and keyboard. Select this option and you will get an option predictive. Turn it off to avoid getting predictive texts for your type.

Stop auto destructing videos and the voice messages

Stop auto destructing videos and the voice messages

There is an extraordinary feature in the messages of iOS 8 software. The user can send the snap chat style in the videos and voice messages. This version will automatically delete the voice messages and videos after a certain period. Some of the users may need to store those messages and videos. Such users can save the videos and messages by changing the setting as follows. Go to settings and then messages. There will be an option asking about the expiration time of the video messages and audio messages. The user has to set the expiration time as never. This will enable the user to stop auto-deleting the messages and enable saving the messages.

Privacy in call lists

If the user taps two times on the home button of the device, there will be a new menu that appears on the screen that displays the contact information that the user recently talk with. Some people may need privacy in not enabling others to know their recent contact lists of them. This can be easily done by switching them off. The user has to select the contacts, calendars, and mail and scroll to the show in-app switcher. Then the user has to set them off. The list will not appear in the menu and displayed on the screen.

Protecting the personal data from the apps

In some cases, the user has to provide some information to access the data. When one of the contacts of the user joined any likes of Instagram or Twitter, the app will automatically share the data of the user with the servers of the contacts. This may lead to personal data being stolen by the third person. Changing the third parties that the user wants to allow access to data can prevent data from being stolen.

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