How to Read Text Messages Online for Free Without Target Phone

How to hack a phone is one of the most popular search requests on Google. In other words, the interest in hacking other people’s phones is huge and does not fade away. And there is no wonder why! Sometimes it can be really hard to resist the temptation to get into someone’s private space.

The mobile phone has become the focal point of all information. That is why many people try to hack it to gain access to the passwords of various accounts and personnel files. However, there are many ways to make it real. At the same time, the device’s owner may not suspect that other people invaded their personal space.

At first glance, this action seems illegal. However, all in all, modern mobile phones are used not only as methods of communication with society. At the moment, smartphones are the storage of a large number of users’ personal information.

However, despite the huge risks and even threatening criminal liability, you can find many ways to hack someone else’s mobile device. After all, demand creates its own supply.

Who will benefit from this information?

●       The parents of teenagers. Children’s well-being is their major concern. How can they not worry if the child has secrets, and it is not known what is going on in his mind? Remote device monitoring would be a great solution.

●       Spouses who do not trust each other, one of whom suspects his other half of cheating.

●       Employers who believe that their employees use working hours and an employer-provided phone for personal needs. They can prevent confidential data leakage by controlling incoming calls and text messages.

●       Cybercriminals. They use highly specialized knowledge and skills to gain unauthorized access to bank accounts, identity theft, fraud, and harassment. Such illegal actions are prosecuted by law.

TOP 4 ways to read someone’s text messages

In most cases, the main goal is to hack someone’s phone without them knowing and still have access to as much data as possible. So let’s have a closer look at the best methods to get into someone’s private space and read text messages online without the target phone.

1.   Download the backup file from the target phone.

Firstly, you should sign in to the iCloud account of someone’s iPhone. Then click on the “Recover” option. Next, find a backup file that keeps text messages and download it. After this step, you must start scanning the “Messages” window. Well done! Now you can have access to all messages from the target phone. This way, you can even read deleted messages.

2.   Install spy apps.

This is the most reliable and time-tested way to hack a phone. These applications will make you aware of everything a person does on his phone. Most of them are legal, so you will not get into trouble. To choose the best of them for your specific purposes, check on review articles. These spy apps have already gained the trust of many people worldwide due to their attractive functions. Let’s have a closer look at their attractive features:

●       Calls and voice messages recording. Moreover, you will have access to detailed call history even with missed calls.

●       Keylogger. This feature allows you to keep track of someone’s keystrokes and collect the necessary information.

●       Monitoring of all installed applications

●       Tracking current live location. Find out someone’s geolocation without being caught red-handed.

●       Viewing activity and browser history. See what skeleton in the cupboard your target person has.

●       Making screenshots. Capture someone’s secrets in real-time.

●       Monitoring incoming and outgoing text messages. You can easily steal information from SMS  or popular messenger without putting in much effort.

●       Take control of the Wi-Fi network.

●       Access to deleted photos and videos

Spy applications are compatible both for Android and IOS devices. The most beautiful thing about these spy apps is that they are undetectable and take up little space. In most cases, your target person will not even understand that someone is watching him and monitoring his phone activity.

3.   iCloud synchronization feature.

You can try out this method if your target person is the owner of an iPhone. Although the IOS system is famous for its innovative security mechanism, there are still some vulnerabilities and gaps. First, you should sign in to their iCloud using your email and password to activate the message synchronization feature. After this step, you will have access to someone’s message storage. But you should be aware of one drawback of this feature because it also works the other way. Your target person can also see and receive your text messages. This way, they can smell a rat.

4.   Take control of someone’s Apple ID.

It is also one popular way to intercept text messages without a target phone for free. First, you must log in to their Apple ID to spy on the other person. Then, you need to open Settings, click on “Messages,” and choose the “Send and Receive” option. After this, you can add your email address. If everything turns out, you will gain access to outgoing and incoming text messages.

But there is a high risk of being revealed. Unfortunately, your target person can see someone else’s email address in the settings. But it is still worth trying despite possible troubles.


Experienced hackers have found effective ways to monitor devices remotely. It does not take a rocket scientist to learn all about spying methods. Moreover, some special applications allow us to monitor all activity on a device effortlessly. But before choosing which spy app you need, think about what exactly you want to get from this program as a result. Then, all you need is to follow all instructions and tips. Especially since now, there is legal and affordable spy software, which has a simple installation process. But we should never forget that hacking a phone is illegal, which can lead to real punishment. Anyway, examine all information about the spying process carefully and choose the best option for your purposes. Then, don’t hesitate and try your fortune!

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