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The latest survey says all the information technology workers are able to get relaxation when they play some games if they play mentally tired. Many of the workers are not even availing tea break they are spending that time in the game, there are many attractive games are produced for children but these games are attracting children and child minded adults.

Every human has child mind, in psychology cycle, in psychology cycle only child, adult and parent mind is cycling to all people in the world, but for some people child mentality will be more, they will like all child activities including video games. At the same time, these people are with more efficiency to learn any new application or new programming faster than the other psychological positioned people.

Nokia X run is creating many games for the smart phone owners, but it is hacked by many people it also reaches to Google play station. In this connection, a smart phone owner is interested to have all games apart from the games installed in the original device. In all smart phones, the games are given importance.

There are many people play games when they are in leisure time. In general, everyone could find one to three hours free for the day, in that case if anyone owns the smart phone that person will not be bored in the free time, he would be passing the time with pleasant happiness. This kind of personal game is bringing joy to the mind and game will create hope in all subjects a person is connected with in life.

The game in the mobile phone, smart phone, tablet, desktop, all devices are installed, but on other cases many people are not using them. They are not aware of the games available in their smart phone. The reason is they are using only particular application, they are happy with it, if someone is interested in the game, they are asking the quote for the play station if the price suiting to their budget they are buying play stations of the leading companies. In play station, games are more apart from that there is no other applications are available excepting playing games.

Games are bringing courage to a person, this is the reason Nokia play store is selling all courageous games, immediately google is programming some games in the thrilling ways, all these are effective and natural to play this is also one of the reasons for new increased smart phone sales, the smart phones can be sweep to change the screen, in games faster key access is required.

The smart phones are ideal to change the page according to the game trend. On the other devices, the pressing keys are available and these pressing games are unable to access the functions while navigating the keys due to over usage; however games are the backbone of the smart phones. This is the reason the google play station and Nokia play stations are improving their games, adding more games according to the new mentality of the people, and youths are very much attracted to all game applications.

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