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Google Announces Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch Event for October 6

October has just started and there is only one thing in our mind, yeah, you get it right, a few days ago, Google announced an upcoming event that everyone is excited about. Do you have any idea what that announcement was? Google took it to its Twitter and announced that something big is coming soon and that it is bigger than usual.

Yes, you guess it right. It is an event for Google Pixel 7 and Pixel watch.

Google Event This Week

Much of a surprise this event is going to rock pixel 7 and pixel watch as all the specifications, features, prices, availability and other details about the devices would be covered in the event.  The date and timings for the event are mentioned in a Post which states that the event is going to be on October 6, 2022, at 10 am EST. A link has been provided by Google for those who want to join the event online as there would be live streaming of the event. The online streaming would be available for almost 2 weeks. The conference and the in-person event are going to be held in Brooklyn.

Android User’s Expectations

Android Users have been waiting for the new model and are very excited to upgrade their android devices. These devices are going to be available to order on the same day of the event. This is the first time Google is introducing its wearable devices and hardware so people are eager to know the details about the specifications, features, android versions, and prices.

After watching the teaser that Google provided, people are expecting a new and refined design built for the pixel series as google has promised a classic polished look of the device. People are expecting it to be built on having an evolutionary design.

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

Google’s main concern is to make this flagship phone updated and google friendly. A teaser video and some pictures were publically accessible and none of the teasers showed or described details or specifications of the phone in any way. Although Google has decided to give a detailed description of the phone on its launch date some of the important details about the design out surfaced. From some other sources, there are some rumors about the display size of the phone that it has been reduced, more importantly in the vertical directions.

This phone is expected to be smaller in size than the previous ones. These details make Android users wonder what it is to have a refined and redesigned phone. This is one of the most awaited phones on the list of googles’ flagship devices. Android system with much more improvements and upgrades is expected to be in the system. The aim of google is to make the devices work in all kinds of work or home environments to provide you with a better user-friendly experience and approaches.

Google Pixel 7 does not come with its specifications but google pixel 7 pro is also in the line and would be launched at the event. The Pixel 7 pro is expected to have a bigger display than the pixel 7. It doesn’t mean that the phone is unusually big in size but it is made on the processor of the vertical bezel that would shrink to have an HD view for the larger screen.

The pixel series is expected to have inbuilt a lot of functions that its predecessor’s pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro have. The slight changes in the vision and camera line are expected to be seen in pixel 7 and pro 7. The two phones differ in the way that Pixel Pro 7 comes with the dot for a third camera whereas the Pro 7 has two cameras.

Pixel Watch

The event is meant to be launching pixel devices of which the most interesting is the pixel watch which is the first time google is launching a smartwatch. Google has been working on making smartwatches and rumors have it has taken almost 8 years to get a launch date. The pixel watch is expected to have inbuilt features such as a health and fitness tracking sensor, a heartbeat checker, a steps counter, and typical activity sensors such as sleep or rest.


October 6, 2022, is around the corner and every android user have marked their calendar and added a reminder on the login link of the made by google event. The launch date is the day we are going to know about the details and specs of each of the pixel series devices and pixel watches. It is also said in some news that google is also going to announce and launch some other devices at the event or later this year. Let’s see what rumors are not genuinely rumors but truths.

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