Gadgets, tabs and Smartphones might be the first quality teacher of your child

Since last decade, the concerns relating to the technology has been changed dramatically. It is believed that a today’s man cannot live in the past life. The way, we seek work, do work and present work has been totally changed as compared to the previous ones. So, why the old fashioned techniques should be adopted to teach your child? You can use available resources like, gadgets, tablets, and smartphone etc. to make him understand to the latest basic education. There are different pros and cons on this chapter offered by different researchers which are detailed below as:


There is the bundle of phonic song applications on your apps store which are of immense importance related to this objective. Only you have to do, is to type this in the app store and find the most appropriate ones. These rhymes contain quality basics of education which are being taught at Montessori or pre-school classes. Studies have proved that children, as compared to you, are more inclined towards your cell phone. Taking into consideration their interest many governments of the countries have taken the decision to introduce these devices at these school levels to build up their knowledge towards technology and instruments. The phonic songs can be helpful in these ways;

Helpful in learning counting: Is it rational to impose children to cram the counting or to learn on their own interest. There are a lot of nursery rhymes which teach the children counting i.e. from 1 to 10 using different tunes, beats, and poems. Children enjoy their tune and want to copy them. Without doing extra effort they become more familiar with the counting figures. It was very interesting for me when my child said look at that dad! It is nine. When I saw in his pointing direction, I was surprised it was written Hotel 9. Within no time I came up with the benefit of my smartphone.

Helpful in learning alphabets: Similarly as about the counting figures children also make aware themselves with the basic alphabets. Their interest of listening poems hence can improve their basic education. Moreover, the accents they seek in their early ages have a strong positioning in their mind for the whole life. People with their mother languages other than English have a universal problem of accent. This issue can be resolved using this technique.

Helpful in learning different body parts: Another plus point is, children, learn about different body parts of the human being. There are a lot of rhymes which educate the children with the concerned issue.  In addition to this, they learn different household and routine life related vocabulary which may amaze your relatives, friends and attached people.

Build up Confidence:  It may build up the confidence of the child about using different things not only related to the IT but related to the daily routine. They become more familiar with your friends and persons whom they do not know, by seeing similar sort of gadgets in their hands. In this way, they learn not to hesitate while meeting unknown people. This is one of the most problems offered by the parents that their children feel hesitation while meeting people.

There are many other benefits beyond this conversation which may children get using the latest technology. These are realized with the passage of time.


In the presence of benefits of using technology, it may encounter different disadvantages as well. It is up to the parents how to cover these. With the proper planning and implementation, these disadvantages can be removed or minimized. Children may have a vision problem due to screen lights. They may develop their isolated existence with mobiles. They may like to live alone and may hence demand privacy. Living alone in this age might develop personality clash. These are all the problems which can seriously put influences on your child. Making these reasons as the basis you cannot prohibit your child from their usage. They do not know the theme; therefore they may develop personality disorders or inferiority complexes. Make a time table for them to avoid these unwanted results.Carefully implement these timetables and you will see soon, they will demand the gadgets only in their prescribed time.

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