The Future Of Mobile Technology – Where Do We See The Wearable Electronics Industry?

The majority of futurists can easily dish out some of the most downright and exciting scary visions when it comes to the future of machines, gadgets, science, and wearable electronics. Will they enhance or replace products and activities that are near and close to us? Being beamed from one location to another through teleportation was planned to be right around the corner decades ago but this still hasn’t been done yet. Inventions like VCR were once known as high tech but now they aren’t challenging for most of us. Before many of us learned how to program one, the VCR soon became an obsolete object. So what is the future of mobile technology and what is in store for us?

  • Zero-size intelligence: No one would want to be termed as 0 when it comes to intelligence but now this is the hottest trend. Zero-sized intelligence in terms of computing means packaging a lot of brains into a tiny chip. Futurist, Brian David Johnson sees the future advance of computing and he says that computing will reach so small a size that the housing for the computer itself would be almost 0. You can then put computers almost anywhere and everywhere due to the micro-chip-sized casings and Atom-powered transistors.
  • Neurohacking: Well, you will be both pleased and surprised to know that neuroscientists are looking for ways to read people’s minds with machines. Although this work has been on for decades, yet real progress is now taking place at the University of California, Berkeley and some other places. Translating electrical activity from the brain through decoding brainwaves is a way in which people suffering from dementia could benefit. On the other hand, it is even a bit frightening that machines and science could soon have access to our innermost thoughts.
  • Surrogates, avatars and robotics: You might not feel comfortable with these future predictions or the rate of technological advances but very soon you will find yourself in a world of surrogates, avatars and robots, who will lead the tech life for you. You will be rather surprised to know that the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or the DARPA has set aside millions of dollars for creating avatars that will act like surrogates to real-life soldiers. Will they be enhancements for humans? For that, we need to wait for the right time.
  • Nanotechnology: Technology will reach the nano level but do you know just how small nano is? Well, according to the National Nanotechnology Initiative, a sheet of paper is 100,000 nanometers thick and there are 25.4 million Nanos in an inch. In any field of technology, nanotechnology is being used in engineering, imaging, medical devices, computing, and many other areas. There are even some disorders and illnesses that can be treated by nanotechnology as it has the capacity to reach the root of the condition.

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