Free Personality Tests You Can Take Online in 2023

Personality tests are an extraordinary method for exploring various aspects of yourself. They help you uncover layers you had not perceived about yourself before. Keeping in mind that you can understand that these tests will be only partially accurate. Most give insights into your identity, how you act, your actual potential, and where your desire could take you. As quizzes cannot be 100% accurate, they can be valuable as a beginning for self-discovery. It is relieving and worthwhile to place yourself into categories.

Assuming you are hoping to comprehend yourself better. It will help in many manners, like working on your way to dealing with connections and your career. That is how your personality type influences your general career fit. It also affects how effective you will be over the long haul. It would be best if you took online quizzes to learn about your personality while thinking about your ideal profession or another career move.

List of Free Online Personality Tests to Take Now

Lots of free personality tests are available online that empower self-awareness and growth in the working environment. Below are given some free personality tests to determine personality similarities and differences among members of the same organization.

  1. 16 Personalities
  2. Myers-Briggs Personality Tests
  3. DISC Assessment
  4. Test Color
  5. Berkeley Emotional Intelligence Test
  6. 123Test
  7. High5 Test
  8. The Enneagram Personality Test
  9. Who Am I?
  10. Sokanu Assessment Test

1- 16 Personalities

The 16 Personalities test is based on Carl Gustav Jung’s study of psychological traits and the Myers-Briggs test. It describes how individuals recognize the world and make decisions. The test covers the “big five” broad personality aspects of people, including mind, energy, nature, tactics and identity. It is best to figure out how your personality type inspires your life and what it means to your relationships.

You can determine a broad outline of what your identity is. It is one of the most famous personality quizzes that tells how you will communicate with others. It will cover everything from the essential qualities of your romantic relationships, what you value and strive for, and your weaknesses and strengths. 16 Personalities tests have been taken more than 500 million times. These tests are given in 30 languages. It is incredibly accurate as you can determine your workspace habits professionally and personally.

2- Myers-Briggs Personality Tests

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most famous personality tests widely used for free. Numerous professionals use it to understand their character type and how it connects with various parts of their careers. The test determines personality takers using four categories:

  1. Introversion or extraversion
  2. Sensing or intuition
  3. Thinking or feeling
  4. Judging or perceiving

Test results comprise a four-letter abbreviation to determine which quality wins in every category. There are 16 potential combinations, with analyses and clarifications of the drivers, habits, viewpoints, and strengths and weaknesses. It is the test many organizations use to check which is the best candidate for their working environment.

3- DISC Assessment

The DISC assessment is a top-rated tool widely used primarily in the workspace. It is a behaviour tool used for career searches to match candidates with jobs. Many organizations want their employees to take it because of its authoritative career assessment. These companies focused on working environment preferences and behaviours. The test can measure where you lie on four DISC quadrants: dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. There is no doubt that personality affects our career ambitions. Numerous individuals use the test to check their character in relaxed environments.

If you are incredibly extroverted, you have picked a professional way that empowers you to work daily with many people. Assuming you have specific communication styles that depend on latency and feeling, your manager’s direct assertions might outrage you. If you are a “D” type, you will be immediate, success-driven, and appreciate taking responsibility. In the case of the “C” type, you esteem peace and harmony. It is best to consider becoming a counsellor, educator or specialist.

4- Test Color

Test Color is one of the best personality tests that predict your personality based on your colour preferences. It determines the ratio of extroverted to introverted you are if you choose rapid personality tests over lengthy quizzes. Each answer contains a personality profile with a pie chart breakdown of different characteristics. Some may find it irrational that a team approves the examination of clinical psychologists, psychoanalysts and mathematicians.

Test Color is about leadership, management skills, imagination, emotional intelligence, creativity, organization, etc. You can nail the test to check how communicative you are and how you will act in a group discussion. The test gives a relatively quick and straightforward result in 5 minutes.

5- Berkeley’s Emotional Intelligence Test

Berkeley’s emotional intelligence test is best for detecting and identifying people’s emotions. You can measure your ability to analyze and interpret other individuals’ emotions by judging their facial expressions. It is a vital component of strong emotional intelligence. You will view 20 photographs and recognize the facial expression from four possible emotions. A correct answer contains an in-depth explanation, a critical skill for accessing and mitigating conflict. In the end, members get a final score with improvement guidance.

The test gives you an excellent understanding of which body language indicators show the truth. It is the best way to judge people around you personally and professionally. You could misinterpret others rapidly if you experience difficulty reading facial expressions.

6- 123Test

123Test is a free personality test that analyzes and improves your relationships with colleagues. It offers a DISC personality test you can require in a short time. You will get a score to determine which DISC factors foresee your behaviour towards others. It is speedy and straightforward.

The test provides primary data for understanding why you could coexist better with one worker and struggle with another. It recognizes how you see other’s activities, which can assist you with further improving work connections.

7- The High5 Test

The High5 Test is a strength assessment that will help you to identify people’s top five strengths. The official High5 website shows that you can strengthen your career and connections within an organization or family by understanding yourself better.

The test presents 100 prompts portraying specific ways of behaving. It requests the respondents to rate the extent to which the statement applies on a scale of (0 to 100) %. The scale is categorized as agree, disagree, strongly agree and strongly disagree. The outcome uncovers the five most predominant characteristics with a short clarification. It helps you share the discoveries with others, and comparing results is also the task of the test.

8- The Enneagram Personality Test

An enneagram is a personality model that explains an individual’s personality in nine different types:

  1. Reformer/Perfectionist
  2. Helper/Giver
  3. Achiever/Performer
  4. Individualist/Romantic
  5. Investigator/Observer
  6. Loyalist/Loyal Skeptic
  7. Enthusiast/Epicure
  8. Challenger/Protector
  9. Peacemaker/Mediator

The test was created by Oscar Ichazo and depended on the enigmatic Russian George Gurdjieff drawing. The nine types explain the particular features of your personality depending upon your intellectual or instinctual intelligence.

It is the best test to take because you will understand your strengths and weaknesses. You will know which path to take for your career development and fill your gaps. You will take the standard quiz and get the numerical value with a diagram of the circle. The circle contains many triangles, which address how the personas respond inside the mind.

9- Who Am I?

Who Am I? is a picture quiz that requests clients to select the most attractive photograph tiles in every category. A few examinations permit various responses, while others demand the respondents to pick the most attractive one. The test covers different points and inclinations, which means it is the top personality test for team building.

Contrasted with varying entries on this list, it is an expanding test with a good reward. The test engages and analyzes 15 personality qualities, including restraint, versatility, conscientiousness and friendliness. This comprehensive perspective gives a nitty gritty picture of the respondent’s temperament and motivations.

10- Sokanu Assessment Test

Sokanu is one of the career tools best for determining different career paths. This unique, top-to-bottom assessment provides you with various options for professions that could satisfy you. The test takes you through other career circumstances. It checks your skill level and interest. Then, it furnishes you with a few choices for your ultimate career.

Many influential organizations use Sokanu, including General Assembly, NYU and Redfin. It is the tool that tests your personality, foundation, interests and objectives to decide on an optimal career path.

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