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The latest technology news about social media sites are there are many people feeling shy to post their views on the site. The technology development authorities of reputed social media sties as Facebook and Twitter are planning to censor the contents. The reason is that social media is formed only for the below purpose and for the economical development of countries in the world, but in recent days there are many people misusing the advantage of communications.

Many terrorists are using social media to destroy people and their valuables. In case there is a ban available to control the positing messages that would be helping the social media sites to have a clean look and the purpose of the social media will be as below.

Facebook and Twitter are leading social media sites of the world. In each family, at least six people are having their accounts and they are connected to the world. The purpose of social media sites is to get the latest information from the world and to have new friends around the world. At least one relative to the family or close friend to a family is working in overseas. This foreign worker is interested to connect with his relative while staying in motherland. In this scenario, the role of the social media sites are helping to connect with each other all the twenty-four hours, this is the beauty of the technology.

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Earlier any person interested to contact a person residing in a foreign country must have to buy the foreign letter, after that he has to write and post it in the post office. The traveling time of the letter will be a minimum of ten to twenty days depending upon the distance. The replay will be received by the sender only after a month or two, this type of communication is only used even for the export and import business.

The business people will be spending their time and money only on correspondence. In present conditions, anyone can get the exporting opportunity or importing opportunity through these social media sites, in case a person is trying to produce a chemical-based product and finding it hard to get the raw materials in a local county can post his requirement.

Within a very short time, replay will be made by someone because social media is like a banyan tree. Every person will be connected to some other person of the globe and doing export or import business is very easy.

The local business could be made within a very short time because the first option for a member in the above social media sites are only with local people and local country and city. In this connection, there will be many members waiting to buy any new product, at the same time anyone is interested to sell his locally made product it is easily possible to promote that product through social media sites. The total economical condition of the world has been changed to the better because of social media sites. Apart from this, there are many singles who found their partners and are married now to their opposite-sex partners.

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