Everything you need to know on SEO and web designing

seoYou can’t deny the fact that your website is the center of the entire digital marketing world and the largest of its sources of traffic is through organic search. Yet it is often seen that businesses don’t think of SEO until they have a website designed and they are the ones which lack on the optimization and digital marketing front. They can look shiny enough but if the marketing smarts aren’t cooked at the right time, you’ll have to run the marketing race with a wooden leg.

There has always been a strong relation between web design and SEO as without the right web design (following the latest trends), it is impossible to rank higher in SERPs. Read on to know more on how they both are related.

Designing an SEO-friendly website

At the basic level, an SEO-friendly website is one which permits the search engine to read and explore pages throughout the site. It is only when you’re sure that a search engine can crawl and read your content that you can take care of your visibility in the search engine result pages. Search engines use web crawlers for accomplishing this task and websites are trying their best to work with search engines and not against them. You need careful planning and structured approach in order to build an SEO-friendly website.

Learning the basics

There are some core elements which are vital for making a well-optimized designing process. Here are few.

  • Domains: You have to make sure you choose the right domain as this is one of those super-important tasks to do. You also have to make sure that all the subdomains and variations point correctly to the main site and redirect to a canonical version of the website which is very important.
  • Hosting: Your hosting is very important as a slow site will welcome all those unhappy users. You have to ensure that your hosting follows common-sense rules. So, be fast and be platform-specific, if needed.
  • CMS: The CMS which you choose for your business can heavily influence the extent of your success. For most situations, WordPress is a great option. This is usually the best choice for all situations and it is a great starting point for all businesses.

Therefore, if you’re still wondering about the ways in which you can co-relate SEO with web designing, you can take into account the above mentioned points.


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