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Designing Tips For High Converting Landing Pages – Get An Increase In ROI

landing page tipsReports and studies reveal that companies witness an increase by at least 55% in leads when they raise their numbers of landing pages from just 10 to 15, layout of the landing page being the most important factor in deciding the performance of the website. Landing pages constitute the undeniable part of inbound marketing strategy because they are the hub of all your lead generation efforts. This is why every campaign which you design should be tied to a custom landing page as against the ambiguous home page. Here are some landing page builder tips that you should follow in order to boost your conversion rates.

Don’t beat around the bush and be on the point

We are familiar to the fact that people have very short spans of attention and hence this should be considered while designing a landing page. Readers online don’t read through the entire page and rather they forage for information by scanning the screen unless they find whatever they’re looking for. Therefore, when you design your landing page, make sure you get straight to the point. Address the reason behind your target audience visiting your website as clearly as possible.


Utilize contrasting and attractive colors

Don’t forget that your CTA or Call To Action should always pop off the landing page. Hence whenever you seem to be encouraging your visitors to fill a form and make them click on the ‘Submit’ button, ensure that the button is easily visible by the visitors so that they can effortlessly complete the action. This is why you should use contrasting yet complementary colors which is the best way to lure the attention of the visitor.

All landing pages should have your logo

Your brand image should always be at the top of your mind and whenever your online users download some content, they should be sure of where your logo is. Each and every landing page should have your logo placed strategically on the webpage. Although you don’t require making it the focal point of any page, yet it is vital that people recognize the landing page as being one of your business publications.

Avert visual clutter

When you display flamboyant visuals on your landing pages, this may seem to be a great idea but remember that including too many images won’t help in conversion. In fact, it may rather distract the reader from the main landing page thereby creating more friction.

Therefore, in order to be able to increase your conversion rates, make sure you take into account the above mentioned tips to create landing page that converts well.

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