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Are you someone who has been waiting for the best smartphone? If answered yes, the concerns of this article will let you be aware of the best phones that are doing the rounds throughout the world. We have all got one mobile phone with us but that does not satiate the hunger of possessing the latest and the best smartphones in the world. But where from will you get the list of mobile phones that are being praised all over the world? Not only will this list have the latest Samsung mobile phones but it will also have the other smartphones that are gaining momentum. Check them out. HTC One Mini 2: No, there’s nothing to get confused as this is not the HTC One M8, in spite of the fact that is looks the same. This is slightly smaller. The main USP of this smartphone is its design and price. It costs much lower than its bigger brother but the metal look of this phone looks premium and the clever engineering of the plastic frame makes it even more famous. iPhone 5S: Without any doubt, the iPhone 5S is indeed a stunning phone with a two-tone finish, a high resolution screen, a 64 bit chip and the Tough ID sensor that will allow you to unlock your phone’s screen with a simple fingerprint. The biggest update that you will get here is the iOS 7 update that was direly needed and this will bring a lot more control and power. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: Did you know what Sony has planned with this smartphone? A 1080p screen and a small battery! With a 4.4 inch screen, this is one of the easiest devices to use and carry in your hand. On top of that it is also waterproof and also boasts of an expandable memory. Google Nexus 5: So Google has updated their review with the new phone software and things are now a lot better. Camera is lot more stable and the cost is still at the right place. You can get LG G2 at the same price and this offers a superior camera, better battery life and a number of extra features. Hence, if you’re into the market to get the best phone, compare mobile price and specification before taking the plunge. Apart from the above mentioned smartphones, you may also consider buying any of the latest Samsung mobile phones as well.

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