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Communication Isn’t What it Use to Be, It’s Better

In the days of old, it was a challenge to contact our friends, family and loved ones who didn’t live close enough to visit. All people could do was pick up a rotary phone and hope for a clear signal, or write a letter, in hopes that snail mail arrived in a timely manner.

Sadly, even when on time, the mailing process could take anywhere from 2 days to a week or more, depending on the destination. Rotary phones were a lot quicker if one got a clear signal and caught the recipient at home. However, if no answering machine or voice mail was in place, calls were often missed and messages went unanswered.

Smart Phones

A couple of decades ago, if someone mentioned smartphones, it would have been considered a joke or would provoke thoughts that the individual was mentally challenged. However, that was a few decades ago.

The days of rotary phones have ended, and snail-mail is starting to become obsolete, as new delivery options become available. Now, people have an abundance of options to utilize in order to communicate, send pictures, videos, and more. The creation of smart technology has opened up the door to quick, convenient access and conversations between colleagues, friends, family and business associates.

Take, for example, smartphones, such as Android and iPhone. Both of these wondrous mini-computers give users the option to make a call, receive a message, record and send a video, take and receive a picture, check email, communicate on social media, watch movies and even play games. There is very little, if anything, the smartphone is incapable of regarding communication.

Smart Phones for Socializing

Smartphones have made socializing easy.  School children, teens, and young adults have never had such an easy way to arrange social activities. Students can now easily contact friends to organize after-school activities like games, parties, study groups, dinners, and more. Working on projects has never been easier, as students can share notes, and pictures and inquire about things they are unclear on within seconds.

Smartphones have become tools that can help to secure and increase education by sharing information quickly and easily amongst students and facilities alike. Not only can students contact one another, they can also communicate with their teaching staff.

Smart Phones in Business

The world of business has also taken a boost from smart technology. Smartphones have increased communication three fold or more in the business world. No longer do executives have to sit in their offices awaiting that important conference call. Now, they can take that call from home, a restaurant or even the golf course via simple conversation or video chat.

File sharing has also become quick and easy thanks to smart technology. Inner office communication has become outer office capable, and files can be shared from anywhere, as long as their saved on the smart device. No more trips back to the office to pick up a forgotten file when it fits safely and securely on our smartphone.

The Continued Evolution of Smart Technology

Smart communication technology is opening doors that were closed a few decades ago and allowing both business owners and individuals to reach out and literally touch their destination within seconds. Smart technology has taken and will continue to take communication to new levels. A decade has brought us communication anywhere, anytime and video chat… imagine what the next decade will bring.

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