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Common Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Visitors on your website won’t make a difference to your bottom line if they don’t take an action on your website or page you want them to. Action on your website or landing page could mean purchasing something, subscribing to an email list, registering for an upcoming event, or signing up for a free trial, etc. Most businesses and marketers design landing pages to make the customer journey a lot easier and convert easily. But those pages should be optimized properly to achieve desired outcomes.

Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

If you are also designing a landing page for your digital marketing campaign, below are some common landing page mistakes you should avoid at all costs to increase effectiveness and conversions.

Poor Design

You should choose an appealing and responsive design for your landing page to grab the attention of visitors and make them stay longer. Also, make your CTA easily locatable. If it is buried somewhere invisible on your page, visitors will less likely to follow and take an action you want them to. If you are confused about the overall layout and design of your page, we recommend you to use a custom landing page builder that comes with a lot of ready-to-use templates. By doing so, you will be able to create a landing page that entices visitors and convert them easily into customers.

Ignoring the Significance of Headlines

Marketers are usually failed to create attractive, clear, and honest headlines for their pages. It is one of the worst landing page mistakes. Landing pages should be clearest and concise pages with purpose-focused, value-driven, and compelling headlines to get more clicks. According to experts, internet users usually read the headline as they read the copy of the page. Creating compelling, value-driven and honest headlines means you have done your 80% to capture the attention of potential visitors.

Too Many Steps to Follow

Landing pages are designed to keep visitors focused on one core purpose, product, or thing. That’s why they should feel like filling a tax return. Make landing pages forms as short as possible with just important options. Including too many steps on your pages cab distract your visitors to make them bounce away to your competitors. Make customer journey easier on your pages by adding a few necessary steps so they can take an action easily without feeling nervous.

Lake on Enough Information

Your offer should be clearly described on your landing page. Give them a solid reason why should they give you their private or personal information or hard-earned money. Write a detailed and easy-to-read copy for your page to provide visitors with enough details and information about your offer so they can make informed decisions. Let your prospects know what your product or service will do for them to add value to their lives. The more useful information available on the page, the chances of converting visitors into customers will be higher.

Cheesy Stock Photos

Images used on your landing pages can make or break the user experience. Most of the pages are designed with cheesy stock photos that make a page suspicious instead of making it valuable and credible. Instead of using stock photos, try to capture your own images and use lifestyle photos wherever possible. Lifestyle photos show real people doing things you want your prospects to do with your service or product. It builds credibility and trust as well.

Using Multiple CTAs

The use of multiple CTAs is one of the common landing page mistakes that everyone should avoid at any cost. Multiple calls to action confuse visitors on your page and cause them to bounce away without taking the action you want them to. Use a single, well-designed, and strategically placed call to action on your landing page to keep visitors focused on a single core purpose. It improves customer experience and helps them complete the action conveniently.

Final Thoughts

With only a few moments to attract visitors to a landing page, landing page mistakes can ruin the user experience on your page to turn them away from your page to your competitors. This is the reason, you should take important things into consideration and avoid all above mentioned landing page designing mistakes to increase their effectiveness and boost conversion rate incredibly.

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