Cloud Computing: A “Green” Money Saver

Although some businesses are still wary of moving over to the cloud, more and more people are taking the leap. Cloud computing is growing at a rapid rate, faster than any other sector of the IT industry. Cloud computing has revolutionized the business world, working in conjunction with tax calculators and estimators, offering new and exciting ways to store data, and making waves in the virtual security world. Although the flexibility of working on the go, using a virtual desktop, and having access to cloud-based apps are enough to motivate the decision. Cost savings also play a huge part. Recent studies also suggest that cloud computing doesn’t only save consumers money, but is also a green solution that decreases energy consumption across the board.
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How Cloud Computing Saves Its Users Money

A recent study by Computer Economics suggests that organizations that make use of cloud computing for all operations save an average of over 15% in IT spending alone. Costs can be cut drastically in several areas for those who move to the cloud.

Staff Costs

Maintenance and labor costs are decreased dramatically in businesses that utilize cloud solutions. Because the vendor handles the hardware, it is no longer necessary to employ an in-house IT person. Any repairs or upgrades are done by the vendor, which in turn saves the company money that would usually be spent on hiring an IT contractor. For those with permanent IT staff, a lot of the routine maintenance jobs are eliminated, freeing staff members up for more important development initiatives.


Companies that utilize cloud computing experience a decrease in hardware costs. These companies don’t need to purchase in-house equipment as a cloud computing vendor such as takes care of the hardware. The fact that the hardware is no longer on-site also saves space and cuts power costs.


Companies that made the move to the cloud report experiencing a marked increase in the productivity of their workforce. Cloud software is much faster to install, and instead of spending weeks distributing and installing the software across the whole company’s computers, company-wide deployment can happen within a couple of hours. This frees up time for employees to get working right away instead of waiting on the installation.

Eliminating Costs for Unused Resources

Cloud computing software can often be rented, which means that a company can eliminate costly expenses for resources that go unused. In the public cloud, you can pay a provider only for what you use, and expand when necessary. A cloud subscription is usually also cheaper than the up-front costs involved in getting an in-house solution.

A Smaller Footprint and Energy Savings

In a recent study by researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Northwestern University, it was found that companies can reduce their computing energy footprint by up to 87 percent. Another research company, Accent, claims that CO2 emissions can be reduced by over 90 percent for businesses with around 100 users. Companies that make use of cloud-based solutions not only save on energy but also help contribute to a better environment.

Considering all the evidence, it is expected that cloud computing will continue to grow. Even firms that have always stayed away from the cloud due to security concerns are starting to use hybrid solutions. The bottom line is that cloud computing can provide a company with more flexibility, reduced costs, and higher profits.

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