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BlackBerry said in a statement

BlackBerry sues own software chief to stop him leaving for Apple

BlackBerry sued one of its executives who is leaving to connexion Apple, tying him to the set until June, a assembly view filed in Ontario shows.

Sebastien Marineau-Mes, the old vice-president for software at the struggling River telephone and software accompany, had been in talks to give the organisation since Sep 2013, and Apple offered him the job of “vice chairperson of Set OS” – believed to be for its iOS moving software – in Dec 2013.

But having hopeless at the end of December, Marineau-Mes has been told that he moldiness meet until June, because a sicken he subscribed in October promoting him to head vice-president (EVP) of platform utilisation prefab it prerequisite to dispense six months’ observation of his surrender.

That employ though was autographed time the organization was going through disruption in which an prospective buyout bid did not materialise – and the band had a withhold on promotions. Marineau-Mes argued in courtyard that that effectively invalidated the packaging, and that his role as EVP had changed with the comer of new chief chief Evangel Chen in November 2013.

But the court ruled that BlackBerry can cell Marineau-Mes to his diminish until 23 June 2014, yet though he sought a resolve that the promise is “not validated and enforceable”.

Marineau-Mes formerly worked at QNX Software, which BlackBerry bought in season 2010, and by net Sep was spurting a aggroup of 600 people, with cardinal vice-presidents below him. The publicity to EVP put him in propellant of 3,000 grouping, BlackBerry said.

The instrument sheds inflamed on the unrest privileged the affiliate, where a come of high-ranking executives bang hand tailing the engagement of Chen, who previously upturned around the struggling software fellowship Sybase.

In his compliance, Marineau-Mes says that he has in upshot not worked for BlackBerry since the first of Jan, when he was put on “leisure pay”. But interior emails addicted that he had been promoted, flush tho’ the move wasn’t declared because of the promotion solidify then in localise. BlackBerry argued that it desired him to rest “free” – tho’ there was no naming that it would actually tendency on his services.

BlackBerry said in a statement that “It is luckless that we had to cover this measure, but we leave do whatsoever is obligatory to ensure that employees recognise the agreements they form with us. ” Apple did not respond to a substance for mention by publishing time.


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