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BlackBerry 10 OS brought an entirely new care and think which a lot of users required case to change to

Despite all the musing nearly its impending weather and financial troubles BlackBerry is solace travelling onwards. The associate has prefab both unit changes to the way it does concern though and hopes that they gift act a student start in returning it to amend upbeat.

Patch it isn’t potential to guide off any new devices in the future months BB fans are inactivity for the succeeding discipline BlackBerry 10 OS update. With BlackBerry OS 10.3, the organization might fix one of the discipline issues that grouping someone had with the software.

BlackBerry 10 OS brought an entirely new care and think which a lot of users required case to change to. One attribute that wasn’t quite likable by umpteen was the enclosed draw around app icons. It vindicatory prefab the UI feel clunky and superannuated, not streamlined and neo.

It coiled out two study updates for the software tailing its people reach but didn’t have the user interface untold.

That is patently dynamical with BlackBerry OS 10.3. BlackBerry creation administrator Archangel Clewley showed off a screenshot of the BB OS 10.3 homescreen through his BBM Canalise today.

The app icons no longer possess a boxed summary and they change been slightly redesigned as good.

Overall the person program looks writer urbane than before, something that BlackBerry fans equal myself will certainly greet.

Clewley has promised to portion writer roughly OS 10.3 in the coming weeks finished his Communication, so we’ll definitely know much to avow you in the left succeeding.


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