Best WordPress Website Management Tips to Make SEO Friendly Website

Marketers & business owners take SEO as one of the most important parts of an unbeaten marketing strategy. As a matter of fact almost 95% online experience commence with search engines. 62% of marketers also believe that they can get hands on more leads with SEO as compared to other marketing tactics. Not designing an SEO friendly website can highly affect the potential of a business to work on its most critical goals. Availing some effective WordPress development services can help in creating a fantastic SEO friendly website.  Developers utilize several WordPress website management tips for the same.

Let us learn about some of the tips in this informative blog.

  • Gripping the yoast WordPress SEO plugin – If you are just starting with SEO for WordPress site, using the plugin Yoast is important. It is also vital to set up the plugin properly for attaining the complete benefits. To know how to improve SEO WordPress, understand Yoast in these 3 simple steps:
  • Settings configuration
  • Keyword researching
  • Content optimization for keywords

Right from structuring titles, controlling the default configuration of the page descriptions & titles; everything is possible with the Yoast plugin.

  • A proper website structure – When it comes to WordPress website SEO optimization, it is important to benefit from WordPress development services. Inputting forward these services, developers make sure that they create a properly structured website. This is because a proper structure will always mean conciseness. This also means that there will be clear product categories. There remains no space for any overlapping content that is never well perceived by readers. Google always prioritizes websites that carry similar content on various pages. This ensures that there will be no page indexing.
  • Blog post optimization for SEO – SEO in WordPress is not a one-time thing but a continuous process. Several marketers believe that getting done with SEO is all that is required for a high ranking website. It is important to realize that SEO grows in phases. Keeping up with all the elements is necessary for yielding maximum results.

Using WordPress development services includes the utilization of top SEO plugins as well. As a result, you can add descriptions, focus keywords, and titles to all the pages & blog posts. You can also get a preview of the things users can witness when they actually Google the website. To attain maximum clicks, it is advised to optimize descriptions & titles.

When you write a blog post, you must scroll down for getting the SEO section & then all you can expect is #1 ranking in Google. One tip to always remember; on-page SEO is a must for business growth.

  • Focusing on SEO foundation – It is possible to ensure a robust SEO foundation by following these three very important steps:
  • Domain – A domain carrying keywords is a very intricate yet effective way for how to improve SEO. The domain name must be something that people can perceive as a brand. It is always best to go with names that help people remember the website; feel connected to it, etc.
  • Hosting – When learning about how to do SEO for WordPress website, everything can seem confusing at first. So we can start by understanding the fact that site speed, security & uptimes; everything is important for SEO. Starting from hosting though is always recommended. One thing to ensure is that hosting issues must ever affect SEO which is why choosing a good host is mandatory.
  • Theme – Out of several WordPress SEO tips, choosing the best WordPress themes happens to be the most important one. This is because the theme poses an effect on the security, site speed & several other SEO factors like support for all rich snippets.
  • Image optimization in WP for SEO – Users and readers instantly engage more when they find images on website pages. But loading time increases as well with more images. This is the reason why carefully adjusting image quality & size is critical. A slow website will never interest any user.

One of the best SEO WordPress tips you can follow is, using only optimized images on a website. It is seamless to achieve this by using descriptive alt tags & title. With the tags, SERPs can comprehend the context of the image. In fact, people with visual impairment can also benefit from such images as screen readers can easily read the alt text to those individuals. Adding alt tags & titles is hassle-free with WP while uploading images.

  • Organizing permalinks – Take permalinks as one of the most effective SEO tools for WordPress as these have a very important role to play. An important portion of site structuring includes structuring the permalinks around various service or product keywords. This guarantees that you only get hands-on a user-friendly websites. The process goes as follows:
  • Build the parent page, for instance – services
  • Build other pages like web design
  • Edit the web design page if needed
  • There will be an option on the right side of the dashboard. Here it is possible to set up the parent page & in this scenario, it will be “services”
  • With this, the permalink of the web design page will be –
  • Create videos – Be it any WordPress SEO tutorial, you will always find how much stress they want you to put on videos. This is because videos instantly enhance engagement, conversions & decrease bounce rates. Most importantly, videos can actually appear in search results. The Video SEO plugin of Yoast is highly recommended for optimizing videos fantastically. However, it is important to follow basic SEO tactics just similar to posts and pages. These strategies include keyword research, using the keyword in the name of the file prior to uploading it, title & description of the video, and then promoting it for receiving likes, comments, and views.

Final Say

With all said & done, we now know why WordPress development services prove to be so beneficial for website ranking. Web design agencies and developers here follow these highly important WordPress SEO tips thoroughly for enhancing traffic for their valuable clients. To learn about more advanced techniques, get in touch with us.

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