The Best Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out in 2022

Standing out from the crowd is especially important in today’s business world. The competition has never been more fierce and the market is never more saturated than it is today. With so many other companies and brands offering similar products and services, how does one make their company stand out in the white noise of the market? For brands that are finding success in today’s marketplace, we find that they are usually using or offering features that other companies are not. Businesses that find ways for customers to use their preferred shopping methods, network effectively, advertise smartly, and know-how to stand on their own legal feet are always going to stick out from the competition. The key here is to realize that these factors change drastically with the state of the economy and the marketplace. As we develop more advanced technology, applications, and social platforms to share information, the more options there are to potentially put your business in a different category than your competition. Let’s look at a few services and ideas to look at to make your business stand out in a big way in 2022. 

Cryptocurrency Payments 

More and more people are using cryptocurrencies on a regular basis. With all of its controversy, crypto is becoming a major factor in the consumer market. It allows for even safer transactions, which makes it an attractive payment option for large or high-profile purchases. If your company can accept bitcoin payments on your online store, it will set you apart from other businesses in a major way. Crypto is, as we mentioned, used for secure, high-profile transactions and investment. The option to use cryptocurrencies for smaller transactions is a big game changer and will attract a younger audience to your store. Very few businesses are doing this, so this is something that brands should get on the ground floor with before it becomes a majorly popular option with other companies. 

Standing out as a business is all about latching on to the latest consumer trends, and cryptocurrency is one of the biggest new trends we’ve seen in young spenders and investors. Allowing crypto payments on your online store will bring your business closer to modern sensibilities and keep you thriving through this economic change. Keep in mind that this option isn’t just about offering a convenient payment option, it’s also about creating a sense that your business is moving forward with the world, rather than resisting change. 

Credit Reporting Services 

Many companies today are offering payment plan options for their products. This has made many high-quality products and services accessible to a wider range of customers and clients. It also means that your business will need some way to track credit reports on your customers and clients. Credit reporting functions a little differently today than it has in the past. For one thing, there are more advanced tools in tracking and reporting different types of credit activity. Plus, you can pull hundreds of credit reports a day by using credit reporting services to run credit checks on future clients, business partners, or customers.  

Advertise For the Modern Customer! 

When asked where businesses are finding their customers, nine times out of ten company leaders will say social media. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have been the predominant platforms for the last decade or so, but TikTok is becoming a more popular platform for younger users and customers. The concept of a TikTok advertising agency might seem silly to some, but the platform has made way for a number of creative forms of social media content, and hiring an agency to specialize in the unique tool makes complete sense for businesses trying to stand out and have a modern aesthetic to their brand and marketing campaigns. TikTok is now the most downloaded social media app in app stores, making it a complete game-changer both for consumers and brands alike. 

This concept is so new that the agencies working with this platform are few and far between, meaning that there is little competition for your brand if you are working with an agency to execute a campaign. Campaigns on TikTok are still very new, and agencies are still discovering new ways to market brands and products on this platform. This is another tool that businesses should jump on early to beat the competition! 

Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out in 2022

Have Your Legal Bases Covered

One of the biggest things businesses tend to ignore early in their life is having all of their legal bases covered. Any new business should seek out a startup legal service to ensure that their business is started correctly from day one to avoid any unnecessary hiccups or stopping points early on. Today there are tons of amazing legal startup services that offer solutions for new businesses to deal with finances and formation. It’s important to have these covered early on, and will set you apart from businesses that gave their legal services a seat on the backburner. 


All companies advertise, there’s just no better way to get your name out there than by a well-planned advertising campaign. However, these can get expensive very quickly and are not always feasible for businesses to account for in their expenses. SEO or search engine optimization is an organic form of marketing that boosts key terms on your webpage so it will appear in search results more often. Marketing specialists like Kevin Miller are skilled in SEO and organically placed advertisements so you are increasing your search results without paying for expensive advertising placements. 

Network, Network, Network! 

The more you network, the more your company name will stick out in your industry. There are many ways to network on social media, and LinkedIn has made a surprising comeback as a professional tool in recent years. Its format is similar to Facebook, and functions much like Facebook did in its hay day: as a platform for professionals and colleagues to connect over a shared platform together. Many high-level companies, CEOs, and applicants use LinkedIn every day to connect with potential employees, business partners and to make connections to businesses doing similar or adjacent work in the same industry. 

Networking using social media tools puts brands closer to the center of the conversation and keeps them in the loop about changes in the marketplace, economy, and investment trends. This can also be a great way to discover new brands and collaborators that might be valuable business partners in the future. Using social media also helps give businesses a modern aesthetic, showing that you use technology as a means to operate and expand your business. 

Sticking out from the crowd in today’s business world is all about making sure you know what tools are being used and where conversations are taking place. Most business is taking place in digital spaces, and it makes sense to move some key operations like marketing and advertising into those spaces in addition to using them as networking tools. Customers and partners will be more attracted to businesses that have a clear modern sensibility when it comes to expanding and growing their already existing business. Embracing these modern tools is the difference between thriving and surviving in today’s economy. 

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