Best Tablets that Run on Android OS

People who are looking to get a tablet but not in fancy can choose the tablets that run on the platform of the android operating system. If people want to buy a fancy tablet, they can choose the windows 8 tablets such as ativ tab, surface 2, and nokia lumia 2520. When compared to Windows 8 tablets, the cost of the Android tablets are not high. There are many differences in Android tablets.

The screen size of the android tablets may vary such as 10 inches, seven inches, and somewhere in between those sizes. Even people can find huge differences in the processing power, battery life, and RAM. Let us discuss some of the best tablets that run on the Android operating system.

Best tablets that run on android OS

Google nexus 7

The new nexus 7 of 2013 edition improves the predecessor in many ways. This tablet is still keeping the price tag high because of its excellent features. The screen of this tablet is ideal to display the media well. This tablet is thin, light and bright to hold easily in the hands. One of its excellent features is its impressively long battery life. People who are looking for a 7-inch tablet can choose this.

Sony xperia tablet Z

Sony Xperia tablet Z is designed to look like an iPad with the help of a quality screen and creative features in it. However, this is a super light tablet; the price of this tablet is high. This tablet is a complete package that includes a lightweight design, clever features, and a good look. Some of the best features of this tablet are the great keyboard and small apps. Some of the worst features of this tablet are a poor camera, average life battery and charging takes more time.

LG G Pad 8.3

LG G pad 8.3 makes the LG enter into the scene of the tablet. The design of this tablet includes a metal body, a display with an HD facility, and decent entrails. Some of the features that make this tablet one of the best android tablets are its strong design, the capability of expanding the storage, and the HD display feature.

Some of the features that let this tablet down are poor camera and the battery life that is average. There is no option for 3G and 4G too. The size of this tablet measured about 216.8 x 126.5 x 8.3mm. This enables the user to hold the tablet in one hand.

Amazon kindle fire HDX 7

People who invested in the ecosystem of Amazon or who want to have a hassle-free tablet can choose the Amazon kindle fire HDX 7 tablet. This tablet will suit the people who like to have a tablet that is flexible. The screen of this tablet is large enough for better visibility.

The performance of this tablet is fast and the mayday feature is an innovative one. Some of the drawbacks of this tablet are poor browser and dating games. The screen has some dark spots and it affects the quality of the picture.  There is an accessory that acts as a stand and protective cover for the tablet.

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