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Best free and premium apps for iPhone users

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 12.01.08 PMApple iPhone and iPad are more popular than other smartphones. This is because of the unique features and technology in these devices. However, the cost of Apple devices are costly than other smartphones; people love to get these devices. Windows applications support the Apple devices in attracting more number of people all over the world. The operating system of Apple is windows that differ from Android phones.


People who are using the Apple devices can get applications from the Apple store. People can find both the free and premium apps in the Apple store. If you are one of the people who is looking for best free applications for iPhone and iPad, you can search on the internet. Some of the best apps that can people use it for free and premium amount are discussed here.

Premium apps

Normal Battery analytics is one of the applications that people can get it from the apple store for 0.69 Euros. Getting the battery drain is one of the problems for all iPhone users. The rate of battery drain will differ as per the usage of the user even if they have the same model of devices. This is because people may use different applications that are battery hogs. Some of the apps may consume more power while it is running.

The task of this app is to identify the apps that consume more battery. This will advise the user to switch off the app or reduce the usage of app. Even this app will show the users about how much they can save the battery if they delete the app. Uncanny X-men, days of future past is another app that people can download it from the Apple store for 1.99 Euros.

This X-men game is a game app that let the user play the funniest game. Even this app can work in the ipad of apple. People who are a comic fan will love this app. The game has been designed by the developer with the storyline and fact of the movie X-men. Users can play the role of kitty pryde, wolverine, storm and Polaris. To obtain more information about the app iPhone users can search on the internet.

Free apps

Some of the apps that iPhone users can get it for free are photosphere camera, sickweather, telegraph fantasy football and notify. Photo sphere camera let the user take photos at an angle of 360 degrees with the help of their iPhone 4S or above. However, it looks similar to other Google spherical photo apps; this app lets the user upload their 360 degree photos and publish those photos on the Google maps after they done the shooting.

The sickweather app uses the reports of social media to plot the places of outbreaks of norovirus, flu, whooping cough, pink eye and many other illnesses. People can use this app to look up the recent reports about the illness of various locations. iPhone users who like to know about the other apps can search on the internet to get the information about it.


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