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Best Android Phones to Buy in 2018 – Comparing The Top Phones

The only ultimate way in which Android is said to differ from the branded smartphones from Apple is the total number of phones which are running on their Google OS. Companies like Sony, Samsung, Google, and LG are always at the forefront. The different kinds of variations that you will find in the power of the processor, the size of the screen, the features of the software and the design will make finding the Android phone too tough.

2018 is the year that finally offers us a host of extremely attractive, high-powered handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S9, LG G7, HTC U12, and OnePlus 6. However, unless we find them in stores, we still consider these as rumors. Till then, let’s take a look at the list of phones which will help you find out the most befitting Android phone.

best phones for 2018

#1: Samsung Galaxy S8

Keeping aside biometrics, this is undoubtedly the best Android smartphone. Samsung is still at the top of the list for hosting the best Android phones in the world. Thanks to the exceptional design, Galaxy S8 takes the topmost position. Along with its amazing display, this phone is power packed with many good features. You have a brand new iris scanner through which you can unlock the phone only with your eyes and there is also a new voice assistant, Bixby. Although it might not be considered the ultimate device people had hoped for but it is definitely the best Android phone that you can purchase at the moment.

#2: Google Pixel 2

For small-handed Android fans, this is the perfect phone. It is true that everyone doesn’t love a big-screen handset and therefore if there is anyone who is watching out for a phone that is not only good in its performance and power but is also power-friendly, they can definitely choose Google Pixel 2. Although its design is bezel-heavy yet it won’t shine and you can use this phone with one hand. With Android Oreo, the features of your phone will be at your fingertips.

#3: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

After the first position was held by Samsung, the third position is also secured by Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has got the third position on this list. People have dearly loved both the Galaxy S7 Edge and the S6 Edge and in 2018 people prefer a smaller device for pairing flagship. One thing that may put off a few people with Samsung is its size because its size is 6.2 inches and this is probably the main reason behind Galaxy Plus being dropped down to the third position. All that you preferred about Galaxy S8 will be available at S8 Plus and the specs of the device are also noteworthy.

#4: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As long as being the biggest and the most powerful is concerned, Note 8 is definitely the best. So, we see 3 Samsung phones in the top 5 list; doesn’t that sound great? What is it that makes Galaxy Note 8 worthy of 4th place? This is a phablet and it is more of a device in its own niche but the S Pen iconic stylus is even better with higher levels of sensitivity to pressure, thereby making it greater for drawing and sketching. It hosts a huge 6.3-inch QHD Infinity Display that is best for games and movies.

Therefore, now that we’ve stepped into the New Year, it is best to buy any of the above-mentioned devices. If you’re a Samsung lover, you should definitely buy Samsung without any doubt.


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