Augmented Reality Dominant on Lives In 21st Century

Augmented reality is a combination of imaginary and physical, real world surroundings whose parts are improved by the insertion of data that may be in form of GPS, video, audio, or graphics. It is associated with the universal thought known as mediated reality. In this one can change the data by adding or subtracting to manipulate the perceptions of others with the help of computers and handheld devices like smartphones etc. The technology works better by improving one’s idea of reality like this.

How Does Augmented Reality Work?

Augmented reality uses a series of sensors like flaunt devices and computer components to generate the fantasy of practical stuff in the real life.

Generally, the device looks for the specific target which may be a 2D image printed on a poster. As an augmented reality application captures the target through the camera it processes the target and amplifies it with some kind of pictures, videos, and sound.

The popularity of smartphones shows the essential components that they have, which boosts the position of most commercial applications that they have before when they have been released.

The gaming industry used augmented reality technology on large scale. A lot of games were created for internal environments like ice hockey, endless space, combat arms, and AR improved snooker games. Video game players are allowed by augmented reality to enjoy digital games in real world surroundings.

Since 2005, apparatus used for the filming of hypodermic veins, processing and speculating the reflection of the veins on top of human skin now been used to find the veins.

AR equipped physicians with patient examining data technique in the shape of a fighter pilot’s heads-up display. For example: through the endoscope position of the tumor can be viewed, radiation risks from X-ray imaging devices can be revealed, monitor the fetus in the womb of the woman.

Applications of Augmented Reality

Several industries use a wide range of augmented reality applications. Developments in consumer smart devices and computer technology have a lot of potential in the mainstream user space.

Education and gaming are two areas where we have seen a bundle of commercial developments in augmented reality.

Xbox and Play stations are two mainstreams including the capability of augmented reality for the last two console generations.

Augmented reality in education isn’t tough. It can be implemented in any field, medical students can see live 3D models and engineering students can see the picture of an engine in the textbook. By using augmented reality technology, information directly from the body of patients is gathered by medical practitioners. For example:  By using vein viewer system projectors scans the real-time picture of an infrared vein directly on the patient’s body producing the feeling of transparent skin. Doctors can see the veins directly using this technology.


Augmented reality is expected to worm its techniques into our daily lives more and more in the 21st century. It won’t be strange when wearable computers become more common and see people interacting with and reacting to things that are not present from your perspective.

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