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Apple to Launch Smart Watch with LTE Support This Year

The days to take your mobile out of your pocket and put it to your ear are almost story of the past. Now people are moving to something more convenient and even smarter. There was a time when seeing people with mobile phones was so rare that people used to envy the owners but since 2000, mobile phones have become more of a personal gadget than the communication device. Unlike old times, now there are practically thousands of tasks that your mobile can perform. There are some models available that can even be converted into computers. After engaging population around the world with mobile phones, these manufacturers developed headphones and Bluetooth devices for talking on the phone without taking it out of your pocket. But, now we are seeing something completely different than the previous technology. This is what called a Smart Watch and Apple to launch smart watch with LTE support this year.

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Apple to Launch Smart Watch

A smart watch is just like a regular digital watch that you wear on your wrist but it can perform a lot more functions rather than just showing the time. With these smart watches, you can answer the calls, read messages, check the social media notifications and even use it as a fitness or workout companion to monitor physical changes in your body. It’s been a decade since we are seeing Apple as one of the leading mobile brands around the world and it seems the popularity is not going down anytime soon. When most of the young generation prefers to own an iPhone from Apple, the company still has cut throat competition with other companies including Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. It was important for Apple to develop something that can stand alone in the crowd other than iPods, IPADs and laptops.

A few years back, we heard the news that Apple to launch a smart watch that can be connected to the smart phone and it can perform most of the common tasks and with iPhone 7, we saw the Apple Watch. It was a great companion for your mobile but it still lacked some of the features that we can see in other brands. In order to increase the sales and to introduce something unique to the consumers, Apple decided to launch a smart watch that also has LTE support by the fourth quarter of 2017. This watch is not going to be used just for answering the calls, checking the messages and notifications but it can act like something that can replace your mobile phone entirely. With LTE support, you won’t need to keep your mobile close to the watch but it can have the feature to connect you with the internet by itself.

Whether it’s a mobile phone or tablet PC, when you use LTE network, the most common problem is battery drainage. With LTE, the gadget needs more power to stay connected to high-speed network and that sucks most of the power from the battery. Although it won’t be possible for you to go all week without charging your Apple smart watch but at least Apple is working on making the battery last for 1 full day. This is something the company has to focus because whether it’s a smart phone, laptop or a tablet PC, consumers always want something that doesn’t need to be charged very often. It seems we have to wait a while to get our hands on the actual specification and features of the LTE smart watch but one thing is confirmed that it’s going to be something very interesting and extraordinary.

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