Four Apps to Achieve Perfect Flooring

If there are apps that can help a person survive on a desert island or trapped in rubble, it stands to reason that an app to assist with carpet issues isn’t out of the realm of possibility. And these carpet-based apps are in abundance. Indeed, within the mobile home improvement sphere there are a number of smartphone applications that can help a person do everything from measure flooring space to deal with spills and stains. So for those who are interested in dealing with carpeting right from the palm of their hand, here are some of the best apps that can help. Those who are worried about the cost to their pocketbooks needn’t be – these options are all free.

Shaw Floors Stain Center 

There are almost as many different kinds of carpet-stain solutions as there are different carpet stains. Online, a person can find a likely remedy for that wine spill or tracked mud with a few keyboard strokes. This iPhone app from Shaw flooring further expedites the process by putting cleaning solutions for over 1,000 different stains in the palm of the user’s hand. The clear, step-by-step instructions are easy enough that anyone can follow them, and folks can shop for new carpeting right from the app if need be.

Carpet, Floor Calculators

This app combines a number of different calculators into one piece of mobile software. Firstly, it is a carpet calculator that can help a person determine how much it will cost to replace their carpeting. It also calculates tiles and provides info on wood flooring. Moreover, folks can use the other included calculators to measure wallpaper, figure labor hours and decide which materials are required for the job in question.

3D Design Studio

It’s not always a good idea to dive right into a flooring project without a bit of comparison first. Those who are into pre-planning can use this iPhone app, from Carpet Court, to get a glimpse of how their floors will look before they’re even installed. It’s a 3D visualization tool that focuses on simplicity. All the user needs to do to start interior designing is to take a photo of the room in question, and then drag and drop flooring and wall ideas from the app’s database. It’s even possible to rotate the room and add paint options.

Carpet Estimator

This iPhone app is geared for carpet layers both professional and beginner. Its sole purpose is to help the user calculate just how much it will cost to install that new carpeting. Its features include a database of 10 flooring shapes that account for curves, a visualizer that helps the user see just how the flooring will look, carpet orientation adjustment from vertical to horizontal, seam adjuster, carpet roll width input and more. When finished, the app takes all the data and displays it in a report.

These are just a few apps that can help anyone maintain or install carpeting. Those who would really like to add a fun and bold design flourish to their living space should consider adding an area rug. There are plenty of fine examples on display at Nourison Industries.

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