ultimate torrent leecher and cloud storage service

FileStream is indeed a unique service which combines all the secure cloud service facilities and provides an encrypted file storage. Apart from that it also provides the basic handy internet tools for downloading files and that too from the popular file sharing services and even the bit torrent networks.

The most important question is that why should we use We must all know that is not only a secure cloud storage service but from the point of being a leeching service it is also one of the best. It is an amazing leeching service from the BitTorrent network and even the Sharing Sites like the NetLoad, TurboBit, Depositfiles, Letitbit and 4Shared etc. Also one of the greatest features of is that it even supports SSL secure online download. Indeed you may wish to try out this application so in order to sign up for filestream you can click here : filestream.

Now let us just have a quick review of the services.

1. Speed: the very first factor that comes into our mind is indeed the speed factor of any application or of any service. Until and unless there is a proper speed no one can consider any application to be worthy. The good news is that considering the speed of it is one of the best speed provider than any free torrent leeching sites.

2. Cloud Storage: it is related to both the free and premium users as both the free and the premium users can upload their files to the filestream without any hassle.

Let us show to you how the mechanism of FileStream .me works. You can simply upload your files to your storage or paste the links to the files that you wish to fetch. After you have done that the FileStream .me will proceed immediately according to your choice and will be informing you at the completion. All your files will be stored securely in your personal cabinet. You can easily access your files from any of the device using encrypted SSL connection.

Let us have a quick summary about the working and service of Filestream android app:

  • It is an online file storage manager with built in advanced functionality.
  • You can easily download the files from the most popular trackers and file sharing services.
  • You can even view the audio and the video files on the local device or an external device with the DLNA support without downloading the file to limited storage of any of your handheld device.
  • You can even manage your files and folders with the large selection of custom settings.
  • It is only for the tablets and phones which are running on the Android 2.3 and above.

Let’s discuss about some of the features of FileStream:

  • Web Storage: Web Storage is one of the five features of FileStream. Obviously when you are opting for the filestream services you must be having some very personal files. You would like to have access to your personal files from anywhere you are and that too at any-time. Not only that you would not even want to keep you files locally and instead would like them to be securely and privately stored in somewhere at a secret place.
  • Therefore for your convenience the FileStream .me will give you absolutely free file storage without any time limits. Apart from that it will also give you the personal, private and secure storage as well. You can be rest assured that no one would be able to see your files but yourself and obviously the system administrators. would also provide the securely encrypted SSL connection to your personal storage as well. You would be also given the flexible upgrade plans along with the high speed multi stream download access to all your files.
  • File fetching: can download the files from the internet for your purpose. Filestream can also utilize the virtually unlimited bandwidth which is the backbone of IP connection. If you happen to have provided with the list of URL’s that you need to download then filestream can even download them from the internet.
  • The file fetching service of the filestream will completely allow you to fully utilize all the possibilities that are given exclusively to you by the unrestricted internet access. You must be aware that there are ISPs and companies which restrict the usage of certain service in their networks. Filestream is fully aware that you need to have your PC on and even connected to the network to be able to use the P2P network. Filestream is also aware of the inconveniences in using certain network resources at home or even at work. You can be rest assured that Filestream eliminates them all. Filestream won’t even charge you for downloading your own file to your local devices.
  • Secure Storage: Filestream is about to provide 100 % private secure storage. When this facility arrives you can be rest assured that even the staffs won’t be able to see or access your files.
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