Business features of blackberry classic q20

Blackberry classic q20 is the latest phone designed for the business people. Like the previous model blackberry q10, this latest model of business phone also has a physical keyboard and the security features that make this brand popular in the market. Since the proper information about the price of this device is not yet announced, business people can get this device after it enters the market. Let us discus about the best features that this device have to help the business people. The best 3 features are the QWERTY keyboard, security and the updated hardware.

QWERTY keyboard 

Touch screen keyboards have attracted the mobile users and this makes the popular mobile companies to develop mobiles and other devices with touch screen feature. However, many people are attracted by the touch screen keyboards; some of them still prefer to have physical keys in their devices. For such people mobile phones with QWERTY keyboards are best. The blackberry q20 retains the trademark of QWERTY keyboard that helps in sending the emails at the hurry situation. They can avoid typos in the touch screen keypad.

Security features of blackberry q20

One of the best features provided for the business professionals by the blackberry q20 is its security feature. Business people who need a device with integrated security feature can choose this device. The device will monitor the activity of the user and send warnings about the security automatically. This feature will prevent the business professional from being sent the confidential and privacy documents and files to the personal contacts. This will also prevent the work data of the user from forwarded, copied or accessed by any other social media applications in the device.

Business people who like to provide this device for their employees can use the device management console that let the user to select the apps that can be used by the employees. This will also enable the business owner to delete the business data after the employee leaves the office or company. So, the business owner can keep their confidential information more safe and private. Even the blackberry classic q20 provides native support for the messenger that includes encrypting the messages of the employees and business owner to keep the communication of the company secure.

Blackberry Hardware

The blackberry q10 was one among the smart phones that features with best keyboard feature. The new blackberry classic q20 is also designed with the design of blackberry q10. The hardware of this device is updated in some areas to provide better performance for the business professionals. The touch screen of this device is about 3.5 inches that is bigger than the display of the blackberry q10 that is about 3.1 inch. There is no complete information about the specifications of this device. But the users who like to get this device can expect to have a device with best performance through its predecessor that already have a relative dual core processor. The blackberry mentioned that this latest upcoming device will come with better battery life.

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