A Quick Glance At The Coolest Features Of Windows 10

When it comes to technological advancements, we always have to bury the past and welcome the new. Windows 10 is well-nigh finished and according to the experts and the analysts, it is in every way better than Windows 8.1, at least for the conventional PC users. If you have been using the older versions of the Windows OS, you must have been tired of the same old boring features. But now that you have your Windows 10 knocking at your door, you need not worry as they will again give you some of the coolest features. Read on to know about the coolest features of Windows 10 and the advancements in recent computer technology.

windows 10 features

  1. The new Start menu: Windows 10 repeats the same mistake as Windows 8 by returning the Start menu at the same left-hand side corner of the screen. However, rather than focusing on only the desktop apps, the Start Menu of the Windows 10 offers you a mixture of the screen functionality of Metro Start, the Live Tiles sprinkling of Windows 8 style, and the apps are placed next to the shortcuts, which is more like the conventional PC.
  2. Windows Metro apps: There’s no point in thinking that the Metro apps from Windows 8 have been eradicated as they are now molded to fit into the sensibilities of the desktop. In Windows 10, launching a Metro app on your PC makes it open in a desktop window and rather doesn’t make you dump it into a full-screen app. The windowed apps have a mouse-friendly toolbar of options through the top.
  3. Action Center notification: Yes, it is true that notifications are some of the coolest features of the modern operating system in laptops and computers and recent computer technology also makes sure that desktops and laptops have this option. There are pop-ups that will remind you of different sorts of useful information and you will find them in Windows 10 too. This time Cortana has been integrated into Windows 10 and hence it has been expected that Action Center will become a place for useful information. Notifications will be archived as they slide into view.
  4. Virtual desktops: The multi-monitor setup of a poor man allows you to go to and fro between apps or desktop of apps. This can be organized with a virtual desktop.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the coolest features of Windows 10 OS, you can keep track of the new computer technology news mentioned here.


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